You know its Christmas when this brand's ad appears

Yup, you all know what I’m talkin’ about. It’s that time of year where John Lewis (or should I say John Lewis & Partners, formerly known as just John Lewis) have dropped their annual festive ad into the public realm.

Now I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, so what better occasion than now hey? John Lewis & Partners are usually the brand to watch out for regarding Christmas TV advertising. Their ads have become somewhat of a tradition in this country, a signal that the Christmas season is here. Some may say its right up there with advent calendars, Santa and the Coca Cola truck.

Now for the past few years the ads have been quite emotionally-charged. This year’s advert, featuring the legendary Elton John, was more subtle in is emotionally-charged undertones, for which I’m most grateful for. 

Why? Because as I’m sure it’s been for most people, it’s been a hard year and usually I’m excited for Christmas but this year I’m not that gung-ho about it. For me Christmas will be relatively low-key and I’m content about it!

That’s why I love this advert because it’s quite low-key and subtle about the whole Christmas affair and it gets back to basics. Gone are the over the top Christmas decorations, gluttonous spreads of food and mountains of presents. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! By all means, if you wanna go big, do it (with zero regrets)! 

But sometimes you do need to tear back the gratuitous pageantry and remember what the holiday season is about. John Lewis & Partners alongside Adam&Eve/DDB have done that quite aptly. 

The ad takes us on a backward rollercoaster of the timeless singer’s lifespan, from his current status right all the way through the decades of the rise of Sir Elton. Right up until we see him as a child who is gifted with the one thing that made him the man who he is today. A piano.

The advert is like a half-memoir, half-music video mashed-up together to form to TV ad. Some may think it’s a bit lacklustre, but I’m not one of those people today. I like this because it takes you on a whirlwind journey and you’re not quite sure how its going to end. Hint: It end on a very good, very sweet note.

John Lewis aren’t the only brand to seize upon this new theme I’ve been seeing this year in particular. The theme, the idea that a gift could be the thing that shapes that person’s future. For the better. Makes one thing that if you’re going to gift someone this year, give them something substantial and something that will stay with them for the longest time. Now that gives a new, refreshed meaning to ‘giving’. And that’s a good thing.

Written by: JR

Image Credits: John Lewis & Partners / The Drum

Video Credits: John Lewis & Partners / Youtube



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