Eeek! Just under a week until Christmas! We’re getting quite excited about the big day, all that yummy food, lovely gifts and oh those OH so needed long lie-ins! We can’t wait! This time of year is great for going all out in promoting your brand. Let’s take a look at window displays for example. Fantastic opportunities to really expanded your brand beyond its normal confinements. Window displays act as a customer’s first point of contact when shopping on the high street or shopping centres. They are there to catch your attention and draw you in. Kind of like fishing. If they haven’t got you hooked, lined and sinker, whelp they may be doing it wrong. It really is fun to see how such crazy ideas, imaginations and stories can come to life in such a restricted space. It adds a whole different dimension to shopping and advertising. Christmas too. Here’s a list of fun, wonderful Christmas window displays that have been on show this year.

Fortnum & Mason, London


Harvey Nichols, London


Bergdorf & Goodman, New York City


Harrods, London


Selfridges, London


John Lewis, London


Printemps, Paris


Barneys, New York City


Speaking of Barneys, they collaborated with famed film director Baz Luhrmann. With his wife Catherine Martin who is a costume and production designer, it really is a visual fest for the eyes. Have a look at this video!

For more images of amazing window displays check out the gallery of NYC’s hottest attractions, courtesy of the NYTimes.

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