Christmas is coming and the shopping spree madness is building up. In anticipation to this, Burberry has added a new dimension to its Christmas campaign for the festive season. Everyone knows Burberry, a world renowned luxury fashion powerhouse. It’s widely known for its signature trench coat, chic accessories, trademark tartan print and of course, being very British.

So what exactly has Burberry done as part of their Christmas advertising? In Paris, mega department store Printemps have collaborated with Burberry in creating an ‘interactive window display’. Burberry will tell it’s own story of Christmas through this visual display. The story is about a boy, travelling with his teddy bear from Burberry’s flagship store in London to Paris’ Printemps department store. The story is called ‘Noël, Voyage magique par Burberry’. In English it translates to ‘The Magical Christmas Journey by Burberry’. It will go live from 5th November.


The idea of interactive window displays isn’t entirely new. It just isn’t seen that often. The possibilities with having interactive window displays are quite surprising. With the Burberry display, you can interact with individual scenes within the story and access exclusive digital content. You can even alter the story as you wish. For example, one user can change the weather as the little boy journeys over the Channel waters. You can even create a storm with audible effects. And at the end of the story, users can create digital postcards of the final festive scenes that can be shared over social media.

The extra content also includes a limited edition Burberry collection. The collection includes special accessories, collectables, fragrances & ready to wear clothing that are featured inside the store. You can check out Luxury Daily’s article for a run down of the campaign details.

Luxury Daily says this will be Printemps first 3D animated character that will be the face of their window display. You can view their promo video here. Printemps will also feature a 13ft figure of the boy outside of the building, floating in the air….woah, just had a ‘Walking In The Air’ flashback.

This idea is great for a number of reasons, 1) It’s taking window displays to a whole new level. This makes visual merchandising and advertising more engaging. 2) Tapping into the social media world via mobile browsing. 3) Having mobile users participating in the storyline. It gives them the ability to effectively change certain factors in the story.

Window display are a effective way of grabbing the attention of shoppers passing by. This new form of advertising will grab the attention of fashionistas and technophiles alike. It will grab the attention of anyone actually. This campaign is big so we can wait to see the final look! Other examples of interactive window displays include NikeTopshop & Sony.

You can check out Burberry’s press release here. Burberry also has a wonderful video Christmas ad starring Romeo Beckham (yes, that Beckham! A fitting choice too).



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