Hongkiat.com wrote an article on their pick of the best 25 “cleverly designed logos”. So it got me thinking, why do logos matter? A logo is essentially a company’s calling-card, at it’s core it’s supposed to tell people who you are and what you do. The logo shouldn’t just consist of the company’s name, but it needs to be able to convey what your company is about. A logo is essentially a picture, an image, and we all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words’, the same can be said of a logo. A logo is a company’s brand identity is its more compressed, essential form.

Alot of companies end up revising their company logo from time to time. An example of this would be car manufacturer Citroen, they changed their logo since 2009. Why? To revitalise their brand identity when they celebrating their 90th year anniversary. Now for some companies, this sort of change is good, especially when we live in such ephemeral world where what was cutting edge and modern today, could be old news by next week. A logo revamp could pump new life (and business) back into a company. Changing a logo however, can have it’s negative effects too. Especially if it is changed too frequently, because with a logo, the less changes, the better because it is supposed to make consumers believe in your company’s solidarity, longevity and reputation. Sure its normal for companies to change and update as the years go on, actually its expected of them because it this digital age, you can’t act like it’s 1994 in 2014. But changing a logo, whether a necessary risk or not, can be tricky.


(Left: Old Citroen logo 1985 – 2009/Right: Current Citroen 2009 – present)
Logos need to convey your brand identity, your values, your establishment and reputation. Everyone recognises McDonalds’ logo, as well as the logos of BMW, Chanel, Pepsi and Starbucks. Why? Because successful logos are iconic. They stand out!

(Even with half of the logos missing you can still spot which is which…But which one is missing from the list above?)

Logos can be anything, literally. They can evoke anything from a corporate or all-business image, to a playful & fun, even tongue in cheek concept. Anything for sophisticated to sexy, from sublime to subliminal.

Some logos even go as far to throw subliminal messages in their logos or you even find more then one image within the same logo. To see what we mean check out Hongkiat’s ‘The real meaning behind these 25 cleverly designed logos” which include the logos of Amazon, FedEx, NBC & Cisco.


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