Ryan on Adobe creative SDK

We have been recently been featured in Adobe Creative SDK’s ‘partner spotlight‘ profile in regards to GoProof (with our Head of Design giving us his best Jason Statham smirk). GoProof is an add-on feature by Adobe that allows designers and creatives to manage and sharing artwork drafts with clients more efficiently.

Now I’ve yet to use it myself but as Ryan will sure tell you, it saves a lot of time. A. LOT. There’s nothing worst for a designer than dealing with pieces of artwork PDF’s that are heavy in megabytes. GoProof cuts out that unnecessary evil and makes the process from artworking to reviewing much more easier. You can watch the GoProof trailer video below, which will explain it a helluva lot better than I can.

Written by: JR

P.S. Yeahh…about my promise about reviewing those Superbowl ads, there hasn’t been time to sit down and actually review them. So I will have to forego reviewing them this year I’m afraid. Sorry kids, next time!

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