Virgin Media Ships Sky AdSmart

It’s just been announced that Virgin Media have jumped on the Sky AdSmart bandwagon. Not that we’re surprised as the Sky AdSmart platform has revolutionised TV advertising as we know it.

With behemoth corporations like Google and Facebook dominating the digital advertising market, opting to collaborate with Sky will undoubtedly work in Virgin Media’s favour. Without forgetting the fact that both Sky and Virgin are fierce rivals in the TV market, this ad-targeting partnership is a quite a coup for both brands.

Targeted TV advertising through Adsmart will level the playing field with Facebook and Google, which have thrived due to their ability to target specific consumers. The companies said the potential audience of more than 30m viewers puts them “on a par” with leading social networks, according to The Telegraph. With such a far-reaching focus on a targeted audience up and down the country, it was only just part of Virgin’s decision to go with AdSmart. Another red-line issue for them was the fact that ITV and Channel 4, at this moment in time, can’t reach an agreement that aligns with Sky’s ad-targeting platform.

Sky’s group director of advanced advertising, Jamie West commented: “In the past, broadcasters have tended to work in isolation. This will make advertisers’ lives easier.

The Chief Executive of Virgin Media, Tom Mockridge also said: “We’re giving consumers advertising that is more relevant to them and giving brands a trusted destination to deliver intelligent, tailored TV campaigns to a targeted audience.

Pat Kiely, who is Virgin Media Solutions Executive Lead and also Managing Director of TV3, added that Virgin Media was very interested in reaching more advertisers following parent company Liberty Global’s acquisition of TV3, which has about one-third of commercial TV impacts in Ireland. Liberty Global, the huge pan-european company also happen to own Virgin Media.

Kiely mentions: “We’ve got a foot in both camps,” Kiely added, explaining Virgin Media’s involvement in both free-to-air and pay-TV. “This deal [with AdSmart] gives us meaningful scale so we can enhance our proposition for advertisers and agencies in the UK.”

So if it’s good enough for Virgin Media, surely it’s good enough for you right? Find out how you can use the Sky AdSmart ad-targeting service for your business.

You can download our handy one-page PDF guide to Sky AdSmart.

Written by: JR

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