With the newly endorsed CEO (and former CEO) Jack Dorsey in charge of Twitter, they’ve rolled out a new feature called ‘Moments‘. Twitter’s Moments will take live events and occurrences and feed them into separate categories under the new ‘Moments’ tab. This new feature is mobile exclusive, whether it will come along later as a online web feature is yet to be seen. The categories will be broken up into various subjects, ranging from sport and news, as well as entertainment.

With a newsfeed like home page, you can pick and choose what news item or ‘moment’ you’d like to view in full. The new feature will also include full blown images, as well as autoplay video footage and the compatibility to use GIFs & Vine videos. Twitter’s moments can also be retweeted and favourited, naturally. This feature will also allow users to follow the news story, for how ever long the user chooses to follow it.

Twitter VP of Sales Matt Derella states “What we want to provide is a simplified way for users to get instant value from the platform and literally get the best of what’s happening on Twitter right now”. After which he added that the section “should be a very easy way to catch up with what’s happening in your world with one tap.”

I think Twitter’s Moments feature is a great idea. The issue I’ve always had with that particular social network is that news stories, particularly the big items, are hard to track and follow. Unless the item is pinned to the profile page. This will indefinitely make it easier on users to follow the news items of their choosing. Ad Age pointed out that even though Twitter’s Moments will not include ads, that may (read: definitely will) change in the near future. Deals are already in place with numerous brands to feature adverts through the new Moments feed feature.

Brands will be able to buy ‘Promoted Moments’ like its an news item or an event, rather than have their ads slotted in here or there. Matt Derella goes on to say “What it’s actually going to be is a dedicated piece of real estate within the moments guide where a brand can curate a series of different tweets or Vines to actually tell their story”. Following on he continues “This is going to be very different than a search text ad. This is going to be videos, images, and should provide a canvas for brands to move people and shift their hearts and minds.”

My inner GIF addict thinks this is a great idea because it will allow brands to engage with their audiences with more than just words or static imagery. Moving images and videos is today’s native language of the Internet, particular amongst Millennials. The Promoted Moments will be featured within the ‘Moments’ for a 24 hour period. The brands will have the ability to update their promoted moments within that period. For the time being, only one promoted moment will be hosted each day. But surely Twitter will eventually change this to add numerous promoted moments each day.

It’ll be interesting to see how brands capitalise on this feature. With the likes of Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest opening up more doors for advertisers, it makes sense that Twitter will what to up their game too. Only the next couple of weeks (if not months) will tell how well it works for both advertisers and consumers.

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