Hodors is there main character of the new chicken and rice advert.

We are just over half way through 2017 and we have seen some amazing campaigns on TV so far. From ones that have pulled at our heart string to others that have made us laugh until our sides split. I love checking out adverts that have mass appeal, grabbing people’s attention whilst going viral and end up being a great success. A good TV advert that goes viral usually features one of a few things such as, a challenge of what you think is ‘the norm’, to feature something from pop culture or an eccentric theme, character or event that is created to surprise the audience. So using these criteria lets check out some of the top adverts so far of 2017.

This is a short advert starring Homeland lead cast member Claire Danes. It’s a simple ad, quoting lines from Les Misérables talking about how “the guilty party is not he who has sinned, but he who created the darkness in the first place.” Due to Audibles strong YouTube advertising presence, this advert is built to be short and to keep the attention of their audience with a well-known star and very powerful words. It also helps that the simplicity of the ad and how it primarily focuses on the diegetic sound of Claire Danes’s distinct voice reading a verse from a well-known book, ended up creating a very emotive and effective advert.


I’m not going to lie I had never hired of  84 Lumber. That is until now. After I saw their advert trending, I was very impressed with the edgy and emotive visuals they created. Its commentary on American politics is brave and engaging, which used to be a bit of a rare thing to find in previous years (if not decades) of advertising. This has lead to a lot of respect being given to the company from viewers and its competition for its bold stance.


Apple has never been short on amazing adverts, ranging from their “1984” advert to their “Think Differently” campaign. Well, they have hit it out of the park again with their “Shot on iPhone” ad. It touches upon social and economic issues faced by everyone during this present day. This narrative, while paired with these fantastic iPhone shots (even though they cheated somewhat by spending thousands of pounds on the rig to house the phones while filming) that compared to what you could take on a phone 5 years ago is a marvel in itself. Apple is always a great company to watch for their marketing prowess as well as always being cutting edge, belting out new products and discovering what is possible in within the tech industry.

VR is hard to market. It involves taking a whole new experience of interactive media and trying to put it onto a traditional form of marketing that may not be best suited to show the abilities of the technology. Samsung has come across these issues and found a novel way to work around these issues. By using an Ostrich that dreams of flying, showing off the potential power and creativity of VR throughout the ad. Which results in quite an incredible twist on TV advertising. It also comes with a potent and inspirational message displayed after the Ostrich is flying. This is a great ad and is a great way to show just some of the abilities of VR.
This advert is odd. Odd and random. So random I didn’t know what to think at first within the first couple of seconds of viewing. It involves Kristian Nairn (of GoT fame) playing a KFC employee being bombarded with orders for “chicken with fries” until he brakes down like his character Hodor in his final scene in Game of Thrones. This was done to announce KFC’s new “Chicken with rice” box and to get such a culturally relevant star to take top billing in their advert was a stroke of genius in my opinion and his integration of the character Hodor was very clever. This advert is in my top 5, purely for its randomness and hilarity it brings to what could have been a very dull standard advertising campaign for KFC’s new meal.
After reviewing the collective ads above, there seems to be a little bit of everything. We have some adverts that are very thought-provoking, some that inspire and one in particular that is so random and funny that it took the internet by storm and went viral. Obviously there are many more ads out there on the web that could contend with those on this list, however I have tried to give a range of advertisements across genres and industries to make it more broad and interesting for you guys. Feel free to drop us a message on our social media linked below with any you think we have missed or witch one you think is the best of the ones we picked out.
Written by: Dan H


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