Spartan Race 2014

Our office ‘Bear Grylls’ recently partook in quite the gruelling competition, an event called Spartan Race which took place in South London. At 12 miles long, this is no brisk walk in the park, the Spartan Race track included 26 obstacles, such as rope climbing, fire jumping, weight lifting, you name it. Everything from running to crawling and everything in between, all whilst drenched in mud and rain. The Reebok sponsored UK race (Little sister to it’s big US sister) is like the ultimate bleep test, testing you body’s limits in terms of endurance, strength, agility, balance and prowess. The Spartan Race consent waiver was no joke either, Ryan, our Head of Design will tell you, for example, they were not responsible for him in the case of drowning, burning, broken bones, the list goes on. Don’t believe us? Look at the 2013 waiver and just read the first part. Scary-fun stuff for those who love a good scrap.

He completed the ‘Spartan Beast’ track, the toughest track of the three, in 2 hours and 18 mins, finished 44th out 2,668 people, WHOOOOO!! You can even see the list of obstacles and penalties for failing an obstacle (yes you get penalised for slipping up, the struggle is real).

Here’s some pictures of Action Man during the Spartan Race. we even through in a GIF at the end for funsies!






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