Everyone knows that particular saying, but in this case, we’re having a look at the ‘firsts’ in terms of the internet. Enter the ‘Famous Internet Firsts’ infograph. This information graphic shows quite a few firsts that have forever changed the way we percieve and use the internet. For example, the very first web search engine, the first Facebook post, the first ever tweet and so on. The infograph was created by Hongkiat.com and you can click the link here to see what they have to say about the story behind the ‘Famous Internet Firsts’ infographic.

Looking at this infograph it’s pretty cool and crazy how far the internet has come in its early days and has fast developed and changed the way we interact with each other. Heck, if it weren’t for the internet, you lovely people wouldn’t be able to read this blog post right here. What a world. Check out the infographic below.


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