The Chip Shop Awards seem to have been around for a little while now, this being its 12th year. And it just seems to be just as raucous, rude and clever as ever! I LOVE it! It’s something I would love to try entering, you know if there was enough time to get a decent one done. (There’s some blinders on there, these guys don’t play!). I think having this as a open competition to designers and agencies is fantastic. Working in advertising can be quite rigorous, daunting and down right stressful! And sometimes the creative department have to compromise with what the client wants. That’s just the way it is. But this CSA event is great for creatives and designers to just let the crazy run loose. Half of these concepts would never, NEVAH see the light of day because they are just too provocative. Good thing too, would be complete anarchy and the ‘Political Correctness’ police would be put out to pasture after the constant meltdowns.

Anywho, we’ve got the run down of who won their respective categories (let’s see how bad they are!). Some are slightly NSFW in terms of phrasing. But you won’t see and T&A on show so you should be fine!

Best Ad From The Future (Joint Winners)

Name: The Scent of Connection

Brand: Wiffi

Entrant: DigitasLBi

Verdict: Sniff out Wifi? I tell you what, if some brightspark could figure out a way to make it happen, it’d be an actual thing. I get it’s trying to be clever and witty but frankly I got quite bored watching this. Grade: C-


Name: A wee chat with FRANK

Brand: Frank

Entrant: DigitasLBi

Verdict: It’s cleverly tongue-in-cheek! It plays on the ol’ “let’s have a wee chat” saying whilst playing the whole urine tester angle. Funny and witty! Grade: B+


Best Political Ad* (Joint Winners)

*sidenote – We don’t take sides when it comes to political parties. As far as I’m concerned, everyone’s fair game.


Name: Drop Dead Clegg

Brand: Nick Clegg

Entrant: Stein IAS

Verdict: I’m sure this is meant to be funny, but honestly I can’t see it….(is it a reference to Drop Dead Fred? Never seen it). Either way this one is completely lost on me *blonde moment* Grade: C-


Name: White Door

Brand: UKIP

Entrant: The Agency

Verdict: This should have won outright!! It’s simply genius! How dreadful LOL!! Grade: A+


Best vandalism of an existing ad


Name: Testimonial 

Brand: Stannah

Entrant: Beyond

Verdict: It’s straight to the bloody point and yet tries to be all polished and nice about it. Nice ad parody. Grade: B


Best use of honesty


Name: It sucks to be last (Also winner of the Chairman’s Award!)

Brand: Virgin Active Gym

Entrant: Falmouth University

Verdict: Fair play Foulmouth (the typo stays!) Uni, this is funny in that it looks like it didn’t cost thousands to do, etc. Just required some active imaginations and some Photoshop time. Plus anything with a Grizzly gets extra marks! Grade: A-


Best ad without a headline (Joint-Winners)


Name: Tinder Profile (Love it or Hate it)

Brand: Marmite

Entrant: Bareface Media

Verdict: Hahahaha, if there was ever a way to best describe Marmite without breathing a word, this would be it! I don’t use Tinder but I totally would if there was a foodie version!! Grade: A+


Name: Lemon Remix

Brand: Doritos

Entrant: The Agency

Verdict: I like the advert. It has zest (too much?). It’s giving me a warm summertime vibe. But stare it too long and you’ll start seeing other things. Do NOT ask me what. (I have issues). Grade: B+


Best ad for something that doesn’t need to be advertised (Joint-Winners)


Name: Straws

Brand: Viagra

Entrant: RPM

Verdict: *Presented without comment* Actually hold one, maybe just one comment. What if you just replaced the bendy straw with a typical straw? Kinda renders the idea useless but that’s just me being awkward. Also I doubt the guy’s face is gonna change either way. Dude looks super-pissed. Grade: B+


Name: Sh*t Stirrer

Brand: Spoons

Entrant: Freelance

Verdict: Spoons are better. Duh! The ad doesn’t make much of a fuss, it’s cleverly worded and provides a subtle visual. Just glad they didn’t go all the way by adding faeces to it. *shudders* Grade: B


Best shameless self-promotion (Joint-Winners)

Name: The Trojan Award

Brand: Jack Elliott

Entrant: RMIT University

Verdict: LOL!! I actually enjoyed watching this. Also is this based on true events? Gawd I hope so! This is sheer brilliance. Now this is how you get people’s attention! Grade: A

Name: Matt & Dave Celebrity Testimonials

Brand: Matt & Dave @akacreatives

Entrant: thisischarlesandjake

Verdict: Ehh this is shameless and I ain’t mad. Hahahahaa! I especially love the Bille Piper bit! Although I swear the Flintoff bit on the end was an actual shoutout to them? So cool. Grade: B


Best use of an alternative media space (Triple Winners)

*sidenote – Three winners? Really?…They couldn’t decide?! Some categories have zero winners. Whelp, no we know where they’ve all gone too. Anyways!


Name: Push & Pull

Brand: NHS Jobs

Entrant: Fluid

Verdict: Hehe, I like how someone took these adverts and just smacked them right onto the doors. It’s simply and effective with a little ‘U’ rated humour for everyone. Grade: B



Name: Lollipop Sticks

Brand: North of England Illicit Tobacco Programme

Entrant: The Agency

Verdict: Bwhahaha. You just KNOW someone’s gonna try making this a real thing! The ad almost like cruel irony. Plus in a way cigarettes are like lollipop’s for grown-ups. Well, with zero-sugar. Grade: B+


Name: Headless

Brand: The British Museum

Entrant: RT Brand Communications

Verdict: Easily one of the best ones here! Can’t say a bad thing about it. Just flawless. Grade: A+


Best use of a celebrity (Joint-Winners)


Name: Ed Millibland

Brand: NHS Stroke Awareness

Entrant: School of Communication Arts

Verdict: LOOL! Poor Ed, that bacon-sarnie will forever haunt his ass! Whoever came up with this is obviously a little twisted, hahaha. Strokes are no joke, let’s remember that. And who on earth would wanna end up looking like that picture above? (Sorry Ed). Grade: A


*sidenote, the link for the other winner seems to have gone walkabout on the CSA site….will update if it does turn up.


Best use of Tech for tech’s sake (Joint-Winners*)

*Joint winners with Wiffe video, see above.

Name: Plan A

Brand: Expedia

Entrant: Student

Verdict: Does such an app actually exist? Serious question because this looks handy as hell. I know this is supposed to be joke-y, but damn, it’s convincing to the point I’m getting confused and I have to remember it’s not real (yet? is it?) Grade: B


Best parody

Name: The Power of Suggestion

Brand: Honda

Entrant: Stein IAS

Verdict: Power of suggestion indeed. With all that subliminal messaging you know what word comes to mind first after watching that? Clue, it isn’t Honda. – Grade: B-


Ad most likely to get the Chip Shop Awards in sh*t creek


Name: Shot on iPhone 6

Brand: Apple Inc.

Entrant: Underscore

Verdict: *Tries not to laugh* I’ll say this, its topical, provocative and down right shameless. This is what the CSA’s are all about. Grade: A-

Name: Resurreggation

Brand: Cadbury

Entrant: IVP

Verdict: Hahaha no comment. Except I REALLY want a Creme Egg now! Grade: C+


Best Chip Shop trophy design


Name: Get Forked

Brand: Chip Shop

Entrant: The Black Hole

Verdict: This screwed up paper piece reminds me of Frank Gehry and how the Simpsons took the mick out of him for his lazy-ass concepts. I like this concept, it plays on the CSA angle with the chippy fork sticks and the screwed up paper just translates as “rejected idea”. Also the universal hand gesture everyone recognises . Grade: A

Best ad without a visual


Name: Station Posters (Also winner of the Grand Prix award!)

Brand: Hornby

Entrant: The Agency

Verdict: This won’t make sense unless you remember that Hornby creates toy trains, then it’ll make sense. It’s cute. Grade: B-



Best ad for a friend or relative




Name: On Target

Brand: Cheadle Rifle Club

Entrant: Pixel8 Ltd

Verdict:…..I don’t get it? (Honestly I don’t, what I’m I supposed to be seeing?) Grade: D



Best shop window postcard (Joint-Winners)



Name: Paranoid

Brand: Paranoia Support Group

Entrant: Big Dog Agency

Verdict: Hahahahaha YES! Because you can never be too sure if you’re note is gonna stay up or note. Grade: A


Name: Note in Window

Brand: Frank

Entrant: School of Communication Arts

Verdict: Is that a real £20 note? If so it won’t stay there long. Grade: C

Best charity ad (Triple-Winners) *EYEROLL*



Brand: MAG

Entrant: Gratterpalm

Verdict: You know, if they wanted to, MAG could make this a real thing. I just don’t know if that would translate into a positive thing or just wishful thinking?…Grade: B-

Name: Don’t Forget

Brand: Alzheimer’s Society

Entrant: RT Brand Communications

Verdict: I actually found this quite sombre (I know, it’s the Chip Shop Awards) and it’s quite wittingly clever too. Grade: A-


Name: Get Them Out

Brand: RSPB

Entrant: Table19

Verdict: LOOOLL!! Nopeeee, that’s it, I’m done. Grade: A


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