Another Cannes Lions post! I probably won’t cover every single thing that happened or who won what, but some of the ads that were on show are definitely worth a look at! This time we’re looking at outdoor advertising. Just like film advertising, outdoor marketing can be quite far-reaching! Whether appealing to its target audience or beyond, they can be very influential. It can be used in all manner of ways, whether for good or bad. Like propaganda (which it essentially is, in a way). Let’s see who got lucky at the Cannes Lions this year (courtesy of Adweek).

Title: “World Gallery, Brendan O, Cielo D, Jirasak P, Cole R, Teppo K”

Client: Apple/iPhone 6
Entrant: TBWAMedia Arts Lab Los Angeles/Apple Cupertin
Awards: Grand Prix

Verdict: Clever campaign, well played Apple. Boasting its camera feature, they decide to turn billboards, buildings and structures worldwide and turn them into a ‘world gallery’. Using pre-existing photos from iPhone users, they take unique shots and plaster them all over the darn place. But I like it because not one ad is the same! They’re all unique different. As

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads


Title: “Fatty, Nerd”

Client: Unicef
Entrant: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Chile
Awards: 2 Gold Lions

Verdict: Bullying nowadays seems more easier and far-reaching then it used to be. Which is really unfortunate because it can mean even deeper physical & psychological effects on children & teens (even adults too). These ads are sombre and to the point, with its gloomish grey look. The copy reads “One shot is enough. Cyberbullying represents one of the main causes of depression and suicide among kids at school. If you have a smartphone, use it wisely. Don’t kill anyone’s self-esteem.” Grade: A-

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads




Title: “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black”

Client: Ecofill Ink Cartridges
Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather Colombia Bogotá
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Love these ads! Their colourful (duh!), vibrant & funny! It’s an interesting twist on seeing ink in a completely different way. The message is on point too, I mean, would you really wanna be caught out in public in nothing but your birthday suit? Noooope. Grade: A+

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads




Title: “Confusing Indian, Confusing Iranian, Confusing Arab”

Client: Alghanim Motors – Honda/Honda Accord GPS
Entrant: Impact & Echo BBDO Safat, Kuwait
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: I see what their trying to do here. It’s a little amusing and the photoshop job on that looks time-consuming! It’s a bit over the top for me, but I guess that’s kinda the whole point. Irony. Grade: C+

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads

Cannes Lions 2015

Cannes Lions 2015

Title: “Elton, Branson, Cowell”

Client: News UK/Sunday Times
Entrant: Grey London
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Now I’m trying to guess which whether Cat-Simon or Cat-Elton would be the most b*tchy (who I’m kidding, probably both). These ads are fantastic though, you’ll probably be never to look at these three in the same way again. Liking the little collar trinkets. Grade: A-

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads

Cannes Lions 2015

Cannes Lions 2015

Cannes Lions 2015

Cannes Lions 2015

Title: “B&W Dress, Blue Dress, Pullover, Sweater, Tunic”

Client: Abrinq Foundation – Save The Children
Entrant: Lew’LaraTBWA São Paulo, Brazil
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: These campaign ads are definitely one of the best of seen so far this year. With all the glitz & glam of fashion, we do forget that in a lot of places, the clothes we wear are made by the little hands of children. Who are mistreated in so many ways it’s actually quite horrific. The fact that they appear to be enslaved by the clothing isn’t just rhetoric, and that’s what makes these adverts stunningly poignant. Grade: A+

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads




Title: “Alex, Ramsay, Tyler”

ClientMillimed Thailand/Throatsil
Entrant: BBDO Proximity Bangkok, Thailand
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Bwhahahahaha, Tyler’s definitely my fav out the three. Boy can wale! These caricature looking adverts are quirky and I like how you see the process of each character as they age. They may look older but their voicebox certainly hasn’t conked out. Grade: A-

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads



Title: “Drumstick, Burger, French Fries”

Client: KFC
Entrant: BBDO Proximity Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: I want fried chicken now. (See, the ad does work). I love the simplicity of these ads and the humourous way their mouths are shaped like food! Grade: B+

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads






Title: “U.K., Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Scotland”

Client: 28 Too Many/FGM
Entrant: Ogilvy & Mather London
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Gritty and terrifying. That’s how I would describe these amazing adverts. Female genital mutilation can happen anywhere. That’s the horrid fact of the story, with a call to action that encourages those 5 countries to step up and look after their own. Those UK figures are shocking and awful! It’s like when people say that a foul act is a stain or blemish on their country/history/flag. Well those flags are so mutilated that it does make you stop and think. Brilliant ads with a very serious message. Grade: A+

Title: “Holograms for Freedom”

Client: No Somos Delito (We Are Not Crime)
Entrant: DDB Madrid
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sure this was based on real events (Google set me straight). I had no idea this even happened, let alone just a few months ago! How crazy is that? Virtual protests…makes you wonder what’s next! But regardless when certain fundamental liberties are at stake, like the freedom of speech, certain lines have to be crossed. It’s a factual advert that rings true to the power of social media, the world press and the motivation of civil liberty activists. In a world that’s becoming increasingly censored, monitored and over-sensitive, this advert strikes a chord with me. Nice one. Grade: B+

Title: “The Marathon Walker”

Client: Water for Africa
Entrant: Ogilvy Paris
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Good tie in with the Marathon that took place in Paris in April just gone. We take such necessities as water for granted whereas Siabatou Sanneh has to walk the distance of a marathon race to access drinkable water for her family. Brings things into perspective doesn’t it. It’s short but straight to the point and without a lot of bells and whistles, which works well for the ad. Grade: B

Title: “Security Moms”

Client: Sport Clube Do Recife
Entrant: Ogilvy São Paulo, Brazil
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Another surprise advert. I really like this, it’s definitely takes an emotive angle that’s encouraging with a touch of bittersweet. Just goes to shows that moms are not that ones to play with. Worth the watch. Grade: B+

Title: “Nazis Against Nazis: Germany’s Most Involuntary Charity Walk”

Client: ZDK Gesellschaft Demokratische Kultur/Exit-Deutschland
Entrant: Grabarz & Partner Hamburg/GGH Lowe Hamburg
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: This is quite genius. It’s like taking something and turning it on its head. I won’t spoil it because it is effective advert, with a really clever concept and a easy to follow narrative. No bells and whistles because the recording footage of the march was more than enough! Grade: B

Title: “Safety Truck”

Client: Samsung
Entrant: Leo Burnett Buenos Aires
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Amazing concept! It’s so good I WISH they would make this an actual thing. Because in other countries, overtaking vehicles in front of you by going into the opposite lane is a regular but risky thing. I’ve experienced it more than once and it can be quite scary. Grade: B

Title: “Look At Me”

Client: Women’s Aid
Entrant: WCRS London
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Saw this a few months ago, it’s a very effective piece of advertising. The ad created participation, went viral & raised greater awareness of the cause. With the use of facial recognition tech and live feed of what’s occurring on the street, the public were naturally drawn in, engaging with the advert. Everyone in proximity of the ad also got a text that asks them to donate, via Weve. Clever. Grade: A-

Title: “Breathe Again”

Client: Xiao Zhu/Air Purifier
Entrant: Y&R Shanghai
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: It’s short and potent. It gets its moral message across with the use of projection imagery and it’s quite alarming how effective it is! Definitely a moving advert and one that should remind all that air pollution is a real and present danger. Grade: B+

Title: “The Gun Shop”

Client: States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Entrant: Grey New York
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Ever the topical subject in the States, the advert points out that more accidents and deaths happen with those who own guns. Simple as. My God….the way they show people the flip-side to owning a gun is truly haunting. Such FEELS! Grade: A

Cannes Lions 2015 Outdoor Ads


Title: “Dog, Baby”

Client: City of Buenos Aires/The Buenos Aires Public Bike System
Entrant: The Community/La Comunidad Miami
Awards: 1 Gold Lion

Verdict: Erm…..the word ‘weird’ comes to mind. Yeah, let’s go with that. It’s comical with an artistic touch. Can’t say it’s one of my favourites, but it does make an impression (of sorts). Grade: B-

UPDATE: To see the rest of the Cannes Lions winners, check out Ad Age’s roundup here!

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