What is perhaps considered the Glastonbury/Oscars/Superbowl of the advertising world, the Cannes Lions 2015 festival came and went last week. I could go on about that infamous picture that trended like hot cakes all over the damn place (those saucy minxes) or the fact that Cannes Lions fest seem to be running out of actual talent to guest at their event. I mean who’s bright idea was it to invite a Kardashian?? Let alone Kim! This was my honest reaction.


WHAT the….I mean this same woman who will give a talk of the objectification of women at some convention soon? Uh-huh. Right, we’ll just file that under ‘Things that makes NO sense”.

Anyways, enough bellyaching about that fame hussy, let’s have a look at who won what! (in the Film & Film Craft categories, more Cannes Lions posts to follow. List source courtesy of Adweek).

Title: “100”

Client: Leica Gallery São Paulo
Entrant: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi São Paulo
Production Company: Stink Sao Paulo
Awards: Grand Prix in Film, two gold Lions in Film Craft

Verdict: The ad celebrates 100 years of Leica Photography and there’s some nice cinematic scenes in there. However, overall I don’t think it’s anything really memorable. It’s well made with a bit of provocation. But all in all, I find it quite forgettable really. Grade: C+

Title: “Monty’s Christmas”

Client: John Lewis
Entrant: adam&eveDDB London
Production Company: Blink Productions London
Awards: Grand Prix and gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: Ahhh not surprised in the slightest that this JL advert took away some prizes. As always JL raised the bar again last Christmas with their campaign and it’s still just a sweet as it was back then. Grade: A-

Title: “Unskippable: Family Long Form 01”

Client: Geico
Entrant: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Production Company: Park Pictures New York
Awards: Grand Prix in Film

Verdict: Hahahahahaha, down Lassie! (Yo that’s one big dog). This was fun to watch and I bet they all had fun filming that, especially the dog! Grade: A

Title: “37 Days”

Client: Atlantic Group
Entrant: Leo Burnett France Paris
Production Company: Quad Productions Clichy/La Cavalerie Montreal
Awards: 2 Gold Lions in Film Craft

Verdict: Watching this reminded me so much of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. I love this advert, even though it was quite long. Beautiful scenes, light, melodic instrumentals and no verbal audio. It’s like the short-cinematic equivalent of ‘actions speak louder then words’. I like the fact that in the ad, something so small and precious can be borne into a wild, unruly environment (with a little help of some special tech of course). Grade: A

Title: “Proudly Seeking Pleasure”

Client: Unilever/Magnum
Entrant: Lola Lowe & Partners Madrid
Production Company: Propaganda Producciones Madrid
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: The advert reminds you that sometimes you just gotta give in to it. It being true to yourself. That way you’ll find pleasure in life. And in a Magnum of course. Grade: B-

Title: “Made Of Black”

Client: Diageo/Guinness
Entrant: AMV BBDO London/BBDO South Africa Johannesburg
Production Company: Rogue London
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: I LOVE the visuals in this video, quite pleasantly surprised! The cinematography is wickedcool and loving the beat (unfortunate that it features Kanye’s vocals though, ugh *eye-roll*). I can imagine this being a bit controversial. With anything you’ll have those who love it for brimming with creativity, attitude and presence. And you’ll have those who thinks its culture appropriation and is not subtle about it. Either way, it’ll get your attention, so isn’t that the point? Grade: B+

Title: “Made In NY”

Client: Gatorade
Entrant: TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles
Production Company: Smuggler Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: I like the black & white look, especially for Gatorade, which usually tend to go for a more quick-paced, colourful spots. I like the backing track and if the footage is genuine, not-at-all-staged scenes, even better. The Derek Jeter feature will play well with fans of Jeter and baseball. Grade: B

Title: “Dadsong”

Client: Old Spice
Entrant: Wieden + Kennedy Portland Ore.
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: This advert has made the rounds for since Nov 2014 but has racked up over 10 million views so far. It’s a hilarious spot!! You know how a lot of mother’s feel about their sons turning into men, well this takes it to next levels of funny weird. Not bad Old Spice. Grade: B

Title: “Ripple”

Client: Nike Golf
Entrant: Wieden + Kennedy Portland Ore.
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Los Angeles/Joint Editorial Portland/The Mill Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: This advert is quite nice, almost a bit typical of big brands playing the emotive angle. But guess what, it works! And this ad also features one or two particular sporting stars so keep an eye out. Plus anything with the Irish accent is always a bonus! Grade: B+

Title: “Beds”

Client: Ikea
Entrant: Mother London
Production Company: MJZ London
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: Magical little advert. Very Ikea! They’ve made furniture purchase seem more like a fantasy adventure! Grade: A-

Title: “#LikeAGirl”

Client: Procter & Gamble/Always
Entrant: Leo Burnett Toronto, Chicago and London/Holler London
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: This advert made the rounds around this time last year and was shown during the Superbowl too. With rave reviews, huge viewership numbers and an important moral lesson, this advert has done the business (and still is). Grade: A

Title: “Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama”

Client: White House/
Entrant: Funny or Die Los Angeles
Production Company: N/A
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: Zach Galifianakis interviews President Obama and I don’t know how Obama put up with Galifianakis, because Zach is an idiot. I’m sure he’s just hamming it up about and the Prez is just going along with it (with a bit of sass of course). Plugging on Zach’s show was most-likely a foregone conclusion to bring up in the show. But its quite saavy on the White House’s part to promote healthcare through this Galifianakis’ vlog. Grade: C+

Title: “The Game Before The Game”

Client: Beats by Dr. Dre/Beats Solo2
Entrant: R/GA London
Production Company: The Sword Fight Los Angeles/Rock Paper Scissors Santa Monica/Brewster Parsons Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film

Verdict: I don’t watch football. Doesn’t interest me. But this is a piece of sport cinematography that I can get behind. The build-up to a game can be just as intense of a battle as the actual match itself. Plus the backing track adds a nice, thumping adrenaline to the advert. Grade: A-

Title: “The Other Side”

Client: Honda Motor Europe/Civic Type R
Entrant: Wieden + Kennedy London
Production Company: Somesuch London/StinkDigital London
Awards: Gold Lion in Film, two gold Lions in Film Craft

Verdict: This popped up during the Superbowl (I think) so seen it already. Don’t think my thoughts have changed much since then. Although the subliminal ‘R’ was a bit of an ironic overkill. Grade: C+

Title: “This Girl Can”

Client: Sport England
Entrant: Somesuch London/FCB Inferno London
Production Company: Somesuch London
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: I only just saw a street ad for this campaign yesterday morning and it looked good. It got it’s point across with the tagline “My gameface has lipstick on it”. Great line. As soon as I hear Missy Elliott’s track come on in the background I was like ‘YES!’ This advert is motivative, fun and has some great footage and taglines featured. Plus I love how they used people in this ad. Not models, but people. Wouldn’t work otherwise.  Grade: B+

Title: “The Ocean”

Client: Conservation International
Entrant: TBWAMedia Arts Lab Los Angeles/MAL For Good Los Angeles
Production Company: @Radical.Media Santa Monica/Beacon Street Studios Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: Harrison Ford’s voice is perfect in this advert. Being the voice of the ocean, Ford brings an omniscient presence to the short-film. Like a all-powerful God that is feeling vengeful and takes time to remind us wasteful humans that we mustn’t abuse what isn’t fully appreciated and nurtured. It’s quite foreboding with a slight sinister but all too-true moral message to this narrative. Definitely a must watch, wonderful imagery and Ford does a great voiceover. Grade: A

Title: “Every Day Is Day One”

Client: Samsung/ASP Surf Sponsorship, Samsung GS5
Entrant: 72andSunny Amsterdam
Production Company: Smuggler London/Exit Films Melbourne
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: Great scenery footage from the 2014 advert. Launched prior to the US leg of the ASP World Tour, the video features pro-surfers  Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore, Gabriel Medina, Mitch Crews and Johanne Defay. Nice backing track too. Can’t say it sticks out from the rest, but a decent advert still. Grade: B-

Title: “Piano”

Client: Diageo/Buchanan’s
Entrant: PapaMusic Buenos Aires/Santo Buenos Aires
Production Company: Rebolucion Buenos Aires
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: Lovely narrative, lovely advert! I really hope this wasn’t staged (doubt it was) because it’s such a wonderful advert. It’s a reminder that there is nothing like the gift of giving and sharing one’s talent with the world. And the ending, AWWH! Grade: B+

Title: “Everyone Is Gay”

Client: Mix Brazil Cultural And Diversity Association/22º Mix Brasil Festival of Culture and Diversity
Entrant: Neogama BBH São Paulo
Production Company: Hungry Man São Paulo
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: Fun little advert that playfully but intentionally reminds Brazilians that someone being (or acting) gay isn’t grounds for discrimination. Everyone’s a little gay in this video! Honey Boo Boo would approve! Grade: B

Title: “Birth”

Client: Audi RS3
Entrant: Mill+ London/BBH London
Production Company: Mill+ London/The Mill London/The Mill Los Angeles
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: *Begins watching the video* Very futuristic, a lot of hi-techiness going on….okay some autonomous bots, working on the car….they remove the back bumper….okay so the engine starts to rev up, increasingly so….*wonders what the hell is going on….then the realisation sets in after glancing at the advert title again*…..oh….OH!!…what the, damn, eww…WHAT!? ………Whelp, now I can never look at an Audi the same way! Damn! Cracking concept though! Grade: A

Title: “War on Drugo”

Client: Instituto Igarapé/Global Comission on Drug Policy
Entrant: AlmapBBDO São Paulo
Production Company: N/A
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: I was expected a bit of a flop advert in all honesty but I was wrong. It’s a creative take on drugs and their effects on a society. I won’t spoil it, it’s worth a watch! The narrative has democratic substance with a whimsical visuals that give a sort of fairy tale or brothers’ Grimm vibe. Grade: A-

Title: “3-Second Cooking: Shrimp Frying Cannon,” “3-Second Cooking: Super Fried Dumpling”

Client: NTT Docomo
Entrant: AOI PRO. Tokyo/Tokyu Agency Tokyo/NTT Advertising Tokyo
Production Company: AOI PRO. Tokyo
Awards: Gold Lion in Film Craft

Verdict: Oh my Lord…that was fricken’ AWESOME! Definitely one of my favourites! You can always trust the Japanese to bring the crazy! These videos are so cool and simultaneously sh*thot at the same time too!  And with just under 20 million views for both videos, it’s a viral hit. Grade: A+


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