In Part 1 we got into what information Thinbox had collected based on last year’s viewing habits. After an eye-opening introduction, we’ll continue to look at some other key factors in the UK viewing habits of 2017.

Live TV viewing continues to be the most popular form of video

But according to Thinbox, this has decreased from 60% of all video to 56%. The shares of the playback of recorded TV and Broadcaster VOD have remained mostly unchanged year on year.

New comScore data alters the picture

Last year was the first time ever that comScore’s multiplatform Video Metrix analysis software, had annual data made available. This has had an impact on previously collected YouTube data. In the absence of mobile data, previous Thinkbox analyses of the video world were comprised of IPA Touchpoints data to estimate the proportion of YouTube activity on mobiles.With the new comScore data (which as it so happens, is provided by YouTube) points out that mobile definitely has a higher proportion than the Touchpoints study found (39% for Touchpoints vs. 66% comScore).

So, following comScore’s change in methodology, YouTube activity has grown from 6.5% of all video in 2016 to 9.1% in 2017. Fascinating isn’t it?

88% of YouTube use is by 20% of its users

It’s important to remember that, unlike BARB, comScore reports the activity of devices not humans. comScore’s data shows that 88% of YouTube activity is generated by only 20% of devices. Not forgetting the group of YouTube super-users that affect the average (for TV 48% of viewing is accounted for by the heaviest 20%).

The Video World in 2017 - Part 2


In addition, a portion of YouTube activity is using the service as a glorified, streamed jukebox, so the service is being listened to as opposed to watched. This use of YouTube is on the increase, particularly when it comes to streaming and downloading musical tracks, old and new. IPA Touchpoints data for 2017 shows that 71% of 16-34s use YouTube at least once a month for ‘background music’, up from 57% in 2016.

The Video World in 2017 - Part 2

Keep an eye out for Part 3 coming up real soon for more info on the viewing habits of 2017.

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