The CBA Party background.

Not sure why this is the case (in general), but we Brits seemed to have turned apathy into an art form of sorts. Some may say its part of our ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ heritage or our ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ mentality.

But there are also some highly ironic problems with such thinking. So a few clever people out there, having spotted this flaw, created this aptly timed election campaign spoof video that our boss passed around the office this morning.

And you know what we Brits do just as well as apathy, if not even better? Take the mick (out of pretty much everything). ‘Can’t Be Arsed‘ is right!

Forever Beta are the ones responsible for this deliciously ironic satire you watched above. And the sad part of all this? People still won’t make the effort, simply because they cannot be arsed. I for one, think this is complete and utter horsesh*t. The number one rule when it comes to voting, ‘You can’t complain if you don’t vote’. And yet so many of us complain like on light bill and rent is way past due and we’re hustling like you wouldn’t believe.

The Sad Truth About The CBA Party

Election Day is next Thursday. Do yourself and the country a favour and make the use of your vote. Many people throughout the ages were ridiculed and persecuted to achieve the right to vote. Women & minorities in particular. Those of a lower social class & education were restricted from voting. A number of religions had barred devotees from voting. There have been civil wars as a result of no free vote. Even today, there are currently age and residency restrictions on some citizens’ right to vote.

To not vote is to ignore history that was hard fought for. To not vote is to not care about how your elected Government create policies and laws that will affect you and your loved ones. To not vote would be a waste, as if your opinion doesn’t matter. Well it does.

Whether you vote with your heart, your head or your gut, go out and vote. Can’t be arsed to do it for yourself? Think of your family, your friends, your neighbours, work colleagues or even strangers on the street. Your vote does count and will affect everybody that you know (or don’t) in some shape or form. It is your civic responsibility to actually contribute to the improvement of society around us by voting. By doing so will encourage others to do the same. Gotta lead by example. Things won’t improve if you sit by and do nothing.

So for goodness sake’s, go out and make yours count.

Written by: JR

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