Gifs truly are the gift that keeps on giving. They are simply brilliant. I LOVE using them. They convey emotions and reactions WAY better than any damn emoticon can. Plus, there’s an endless sea of gifs to be found. Whether their movie & TV scenes, or memes & Youtube or Vine clips, they truly are doing God’s work. Example?

Scenario 1: Movie & TV



Scenario 2: Memes & Video Clips



Gifs can be an essential social media tool/comeback/weapon (depending on your intentional use of it) when one doesn’t have the words to describe how they think or feel. Whether you’re on networking site like Facebook or Tumblr, or a forum like Reddit or just websites that host commenting plugins like Jetpack or Disqus, gifs are simple to use and conveys reactions explicitly well. Gifs (short for Graphic Interchange Format) have been around for 28 years and are now more popular and relevant then ever before. In a technologically dense society like today, gifs are practically the unabashed, comedic rockstar of the Internet realm. With faster internet speeds, better built-in software compatibilities and the online social media community’s increased usage of the image format, gifs are not going away anytime soon.

Gifs have such a prominent platform now that there are numerous websites that host thousands upon millions of gifs. Whatever your mood, you’re bound to find a suitable gif to convey your feelings. Whether on Google Image Search or hosting sites like Giphy, Imgur or Tumblr, they are everywhere.  And these companies have made millions from doing so. For example, made over $20 million, whilst newer companies like Imgur have had over 274 million visits per month (this year alone)



Facebook had only a couple of weeks ago made their platform ‘Gif friendly’ (about damn time). Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (to an extent) are gif compatible too. I think all brands should be aware of the potential power of creating, hosting and even marketing gifs. Granted ‘the way of the gif’ is not for every single brand. But big brands see the potential in using gifs to their advantage. For starters, they aren’t difficult to make, insanely popular and can be used on the spur of the moment. Think of agile marketing as an example. Brands, as well as agencies can create bespoke animated gifs too, especially since the software is available, majority (if not all) platforms are compatible and Flash is veering out towards to the front door.

If your brand is media based or media reliant, then the use of gifs (whether you’re using standard loop images or a crafted pieces of cinematography) is worth it. Gifs will appeal to Millennials & Gen Z like gold appeals to Pirates, Smaug and Scrooge McDuck. The older generations aren’t afraid to use them either and gifs are perfect visual aids that only take mere seconds to convey to the viewer what needs to be said. Movie studios have started using gifs more when promoting new films, whether its the final Hunger Games film or the new Star Wars flick. People say actions speak louder than words? Gifs are a helluva lot louder than words and emoticons.



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