Super Bowl 2015 Advert

Before we get to the Superbowl 2015 advert showdown review, lemme give you a run-down of the show. If you saw the Superbowl on Sunday, it was nothing short of entertaining. It had everything. I stayed up watching it and the pace and excitement continued to build, it was in the 4th quarter all hell broke loose. I can honestly say the I truly feel the any Seattle Seahawk fans because they were played with in the most offensive way! The Seahawks could have had that win, that should have been their win. But nope, they botched it. It was such a MASSIVE error that I stormed out of the room. They had it and they literally gave it to the Patriots on a silver platter. I’m not even a die-hard Seahawk fan so I can only imagine how fuming those fans must be. The coach screwed up royally and that will haunt him forever! Many people are happy about this because of past cheating offences and many people said that the both teams were alleged cheaters and it just happened the better cheat won. I should have gone to bed after the 3rd quarter. Damn. One thing was for sure, it was dramatic! A fight even broke out on the pitch after that terrible play. Talk about an utter fustercluck. AH WELL.

Following up on our recent post on last year’s adverts that were shown at the Super Bowl, we gathered the new ads that were shown during the show last night. Myself and the lovely Elle will go through the Super Bowl 2015 ads and give our thoughts on them. Without further adu, let’s watch and grade ’em.

Anheuser-Busch – Real Life PacMan/Lost Dog/Brewed The Hard Way

J: Great advert, like really! Love the idea of actually making a real life PacMan game layout and actually scoring points to win and shiz. Like this is actually a great creative concept, plus it looked like SO. MUCH. FUN! Again, like last year, don’t know if this guy knew about it or not, but surely he must have seen last years right? Hmmm maybe not. Grade: A-

E: I liked the concept, thought it was visually appealing, and I think the hashtag  #UpForWhatever will be a hit. Although I feel this is one for the guys! Grade: B+

J: Awwwwh. Honest first reaction after watching that. It’s so deliberately sweet, seeing the bond between the pup and the horse, especially when the pup finds his way back home and runs into some trouble. Bravo Budweiser, this may be one of the best of the Superbowl 2015 ads (It totally is). Grade: A

E: Super cute! The puppy is a great shout as it will make even the hardest of hearts melt! I loved it. Grade: A

J: Good Lord, another Bud ad?? Like the thumping backing music, the use of typography over the ad to get their message across. It’s definite the weakest out of all their Superbowl 2015 ads but it’s a good effort. Grade: C+

E: Typical beer ad but with a little brand history. Nice touch. Grade: B

Avocados from Mexico – First Draft Ever

J: What the hell did I just watch? This is AfM’s first ever SB ad and it’s quite quirky for the food manufacturer. Think Noah and the Ark meets sports drafting. Each country picks a designated animal to represent them. Wanna know who picks what? Check the video. Grade: B-

E: Random. That’s all I can say. Grade: C

BMW Newfangled Idea

J: Sometimes technology has a tendency to get ahead of itself and so quickly too. There are so many new gadgets and technologies many of us have found our selves scratching our heads and saying ‘huh?’. Just like Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel here, they find out it takes some getting used to. And the i3 looks like an impressive piece of automative engineering. Expect nothing less from the almighty Germans. Grade: B-

E: Considering BMW’s status in the car world is prestige, I can’t help but feel disappointed by this ad. It feels highly staged, there was a lack of creativity and the car itself was more interesting than what the reporters had to say, which is a shame as it seemed focused on their role. Grade: B-

Carnival Corp – Come Back To The Sea

J: Carnival released their first Super Bowl ad live last night and it was chosen by the public out of 4 previously leaked trailer concepts. I think the advert is succinct in it’s message through telling a narrative. The story of which the narrator tells us is a poetic tale of how we are a part of the ocean, so much a part of it that there is a bond that flows inside of us. It’s one of the few adverts in this SB that isn’t dominated by flashy lights, vivid graphics, ridiculous humour or catchy phrases. It’s simple and I think it’s lovely for it. Grade: A

E: Lovely ad. Subtle and tasteful. Grade: A+

Clash of Clans – Revenge

J: Oh boy…I shouldn’t be surprised by this. All say is damn his voice is raspy but in a good in a “I’ma hunt you down and destroy  you” kind of way. Who I’m I talking about? You have to watch to see who I mean, you may be taken back a bit by it. Grade: B-

E: Its nice to see the actor (I will conceal his identity for Jon’s sake) reprise this well known role. Nice touch with his use, otherwise the ad would have been a fail. Grade: B-

Coca-Cola – Make It Happy

J: Ahhh but of course! HAPPINESS! This is typical Coca-Cola propaganda (well isn’t it?) Snarkiness aside, it’s a good concept but it just seems to say (whether obliviously or subtly) that Coca-Cola can make your life better. That’s the message I got from this. Is that the message? If so, does that mean Coke will help me knock out my rent next month? Unlikely. A boy can dream though. Overall, its not Coke’s best ad, but it’s still kinda sweet (not as sweet as the unhealthy levels of sugar in their pop!) Grade: B-

E: Strange ad for Coke. Really failed to impress. Grade: C

Discover – Surprise

J: “WTF” is my instant reaction to this advert. It’s random. It tries to be funny, probably a little too hard. I don’t know. It’s just erm, weird. Yeah let’s say weird. I liked perhaps one part of it, don’t try and guess which part and judge me for it (it was the only good thing about the ad). Grade: C

E: So random and like Jon says, tries too hard to be funny. Grade: C-

Dodge – Wisdom

J: Dodge comes back to the Super Bowl this year with this charming and lovely advert. This is a brilliant ad that celebrates Dodge’s 100th birthday and it does it so elegantly and inspiring. Yeah, I said inspiring, I actually found myself quite fond of this ad. Easily one of the best of the Super Bowl 2015 ads, without any doubt. Grade: A+

E: I loved this ad! It was rather charming to see elderly people giving advice to the younger generations in an almost comical way, as it allows for a rapport to build between each end of the age spectrum. Grade: A

Doritos – Middle Seat/When Pigs Fly

J: It is in my opinion that this ranks in the Top 10 of the best Super Bowl 2015 adverts this year. The guy is funny and will do anything to keep anyone unsavoury sitting next to him. Joke’s on him near the end though. Grade: A-

E: Funny with a humorous ending. Grade: B-

J: Again another ‘WTF’ advert. I should have mentioned above that Doritos had a ‘Crash The Superbowl’ annual campaign which involves advertising agencies competing for the best Dorito themed advert. It’s the biggest online video competition in the world, with live Super Bowl spots and cash prizes that can go up to $1,000,000. So this advert apparently was the best Canada had to offer (the best U.S. entry is just above). The advert is ambitious and wacky. I actually felt scared for the pig. Poor little guy. Someone needs to keep a closer eye on that kid! Grade: B

E: I liked this ad! Its creative and rather innovative. Grade:B+

Dove Men+Care – Real Strength

J: Even though this is a re-work of an former ad by Dove, it’s actually a really sweet advert. It’s a lovely shout-out to all the dads out there of all shapes and sizes. It’s sweet without getting too soppy, it’s a nice sentiment. Grade: B

E: I loved this ad! I felt a surge of gratitude, as a variety of people are shown in a number of scenarios where love and appreciation was present. I particularly like the simple the use of the word ‘dad’ and the effect that its expression can have on us as beings. Grade: A

EAT24 – Hangry?

J: LOL!! I actually like this advert alot. It’s quick, it’s on point and funny as hell. I love how they brought on Snoop Dogg (as his calm, collected self) and Gilbert Gottfried as the whiney bub that won’t shut up. Gottfried’s hangry in a bad way. Grade: A

E: As a big Snoop Dogg fan, I was pleased to see him grace the screen with his ever so slick self! I think the ad itself will be a hit with many as its to the point (it comes in at under 60 seconds) and everyone can relate to the so-called first world problem of being ‘Hangry”. Grade: A+

Esurance – Say My Name

J: Bwhahahaha! I love it! This advert is brilliant and it pays homage to the amazing drama that was Breaking Bad (if you haven’t seen it, change that). Seeing Walter White again in his infamous yellow overalls and moonlighting in a pharmacy is sheer genius. Can you imagine? Yeah yeah I may be bias and be in favour of this ad but it is a damn good advert. Grade: A+

E: I think had I seen any episodes of Breaking Bad (Don’t all cry at once) then I would have had a better understanding of this ad. As much as I know about the show, it has a good link to Walter White’s character, which makes it easier for an audience to connect with. Grade: C

Fiat – The FIAT Blue Pill

J: When I saw the title I thought it was like the Matrix ‘red pill, blue pill’ territory. I didn’t clock on it was the ‘other bill pill’ until 14 secs in. That being said, I like the humour in this, and the car looks okay but isn’t much of a looker in my eyes. The cute, curly-hair driver makes up for it though and the ladies at the end seem to agree with me. Grade: B

E: I loved this ad, and the use of humour was a nice, light-hearted way to advertise cars rather than the often intense ads we see for many car brands! I also liked the way it links to Fiat being a fun, city car which is available to anyone. Grade: B+

Game of War: First Age – Who I Am

J: I thought it was weird why Kate Upton was in this, but after seeing what Game of War is about and I think it’s safe to assume she’s playing the protagonist. It’s actually a surprising advert, with a nice balance of scenery, beauty, sharp graphics, action and excitement. It gave me a kind of World of Warcraft vibe (No WoW fanboy) and it also reminds me of the fact they’ll be doing a live-action film of WoW in 2016 (which I would watch, no shame) starring Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper & Paula Patton. Good advert, quite a nice surprise. Not bad for a game company. Grade: B+

E: I’m surprised that a sex symbol such as Kate Upton was used for this ad, however I reckon she will be a hit with the gaming boys! Grade: B

GoDaddy – Buddy/Working

J: This advert was only online for a short while before it was yanked down due to public concerns that the ad promoted online pet purchase.  Here’s how it was brought down: Whether or not this was meant to be satirical, it’s offensive,” said a petition to remove the ad from the Super Bowl, which had nearly 40,000 signatures late Tuesday. “Essentially, Go Daddy is encouraging private breeding/puppy mills while shelter animals wait patiently for their forever homes or worse — to be euthanized.” (AzCentral). After watching it, I can see why it’s been pulled. However, my cynical side calls STUNT QUEEN on GoDaddy because of all the publicity its gotten them now. Especially if they replace it with a new one, of which people will definitely want to check out. How sly of them. Grade: C-

E: I’m split on this ad. On the one hand, I disagree with how the puppy is sold and packed off at the end as I feel that it highlights how some people within society live with a view that material possessions are disposable (think A Puppy Is Not Just For Christmas). However, I do think it was cunningly clever (I hate to admit) of GoDaddy to create something so controversial that it would be removed, thus generating publicity for them. Grade:C

J: So here is GoDaddy’s replacement advert for the puppy fiasco earlier on last week. Half way through it occurred to me, what if this advert wasn’t already ready to go? What if this was a quick production turnaround job after the puppy flop? Maybe. But it unfortunately for GoDaddy is forgettable in my mind. They said recently “we hope it makes you laugh”. Laugh I did not. Hell I’ve already forgetton half of what was said and I only just watched it 90 secs ago. Grade: D

E: Poor ad. No link between the advert itself and the brand. Grade: D

JEEP – Beautiful Lands

J: JEEP has returned with another SB advert. I love the song in the background, lush voice. I like how the chose this song and synch it with the images of cityscapes and scenic routes. It reminds the audience that JEEP can be (and is) a cruising pleasure, a vehicle built to travel through all kinds of places and terrain. Lovely ad, I really thing the song sells it. Grade: B+

E: This ad really puts on a united front for the world in terms of being united, in a very tasteful way. The song, as Jon has mentioned, is lovely and it really is an ad that is aimed at a wide demographic. Grade: A

Jublia – Tackle It

J: Jublia has never done a Superbowl advert before, so they must have had the money considering each 30 sec ad cost £3million ($4.5 mill). It’s kinda gross considering it talks about toenail problems, glad I wasn’t eating whilst watching it. Grade: D

E: Not exactly an ad to watch whilst eating tacos and popcorn! Very average, but connects to the SuperBowl with its use of a toe as a soccer player- what an attempt. Grade: C

Jurassic World – Jurassic World Official Trailer

J: Saw this few months back and thoughts haven’t changed that much about it. It’s pretty much has everything a blockbuster teaser trailer would have. The America’s sweetheart & hunky hero Chris Pratt (Hi Chris!), adventure, a pretty love interest, disaster and Dinosaurs. Sidenote: Didn’t these people remember what happened the first (second & third) time round Jurassic Park? Why people don’t learn from previous catastrophes I’ll never know! Grade: B+

E: This trailer is standard for an American blockbuster and it contains everything that has been done many a times before, including a hot lead in the form of Chris Pratt. Looks like a good watch, although I’m not the biggest fan of remakes and vow to remain loyal to the old school Jurassic Park! Grade:B

Kia – The Perfect Gateway

J: It’s a sophisticated, scenic advert that’s got a nice build up and somewhat humourous tilt. With the whole secret agent plot-line, it works well as seeing former 007 agent (and my favourite) Pierce Brosnan starring in this sleek and adventurous advent. If you didn’t know this was actually a KIA advert, you’d think it was for Audi, Mercedes or one of the other big brand automakers. Grade: B+

E:I loved this ad! As a Pierce Brosnan fan (its those twinkly blue eyes), I was delighted to see that he has a sense of fun as it puts him on a more human level. The plot worked well and I thought the fact that you saw him driving a rather sophisticated Kia model through a scenic, snowy route gave a rather luxurious feel in a light hearted way. This made for easy watching, authenticity and it wasn’t overdone, unlike the BMWi ad!   Grade: A+

Lexus – Make Some Noise/Let’s Play

J: Lexus has a knack for flashy, slick ads and this is no exception. It’s seems to have so much going on in just 30 seconds and yet, blends together almost seamlessly. It’s punchy with the backing music and rapid lighting too. If BMW is the cocky Premier footballer son and Merc-Benz is the dashing CEO executive uncle of the luxury car family, then Lexus is the modern fashionista cousin who doesn’t wait around for anything or nobody. Grade: B+

E: I found this ad easy to watch and liked the music and dancers. Although I felt it was rather simple in terms of creativity and was similar to previous car ads, therefore its not one that will stick in my head. Grade: B-

J: That is one sexy car. Don’t care what anyone says. Saying that, the use of using ‘toy cars’ in a sort of peripheral or optical play on the senses, it’s a cool little idea, started off well but was kind of lacklustre at the end. Grade: C+

E: Such a typical car ad. That’s all I can say. Grade: C-

Loctite – Positive Feelings

J: Oh. My. Damn. I didn’t expect this. I haven’t seen any of the teasers for this ad and I’m glad. LOL!! This is all kinds of funny and awesome. The music. The dancing. The expressions. And the ending, HA! *dead* Grade: A

E: I just can’t get my head around this! Unique is what I’ll say. Grade: C

McDonalds – Pay With Lovin’

J: Okay this is actually a sweet little concept. It maybe a little cheesy but it’s actually nice to see displays of love and affections as a alternative to actual payment. It’s simple and it seems to work quite well. (But…McDonalds said their rolling out this campaign in order to bolster sales. How the hell are they gonna make money with hugs and ‘I love you’ phone calls to Mom?) Well this promotion is only lasting for 12 days from today so I guess they won’t loose too much money. But you can guarantee a lot of people will bum-rush those doors in hopes of free food! Grade: B+

E: Cheesy but I like the family orientated theme and its nice for McDonalds to put an emphasis on strong family relationships. Grade: B+

Mercedes-Benz – Fable

J: You’d think this would be a typical hare vs. tortoise story if it weren’t for the Merc. Well duh. I like how while the hare is far ahead, the tortoise just happens to run into a hidden Mercedes factory in the middle of no-where. The new Merc is a beauty and the little tortoise agrees. The words that flew out of his mouth “Slow and steady my ass” is too funny! I think I’ve found my new mantra. Grade: A

E: I thought this was such a clever ad and felt it really highlighted the Mercedes-Benz brand concept of innovation. The use of CGI cartoon images will appeal to people of all ages, and also allows for children to be able to connect with the ad through its use of classic fables. This modern spin on the Tortoise and The Hare is guaranteed to be a hit! Grade:A+

Michael Hill – What Would You Do For Love?

J: Being a sentimental at heart, this advert was quite thought-provoking. What would you do for love? Die for it? Kill for it? There’s some many statements that I’m sure a lot of people would find true. Love is something that doesn’t have to be always logical or practical, anyone in a relationship of some sort will know this. Love is supposed to be passionate desire to do what you would do for the ones you love. Oh did I mention this advert is about jewellery? Grade: A-

E: Touching ad. Heart-warming stuff! Grade:B

Microsoft – Estella’s Brilliant Bus/Braylon O’Neill

J: I’m going to commented on both ads in one go, since they’re both part of the ‘Empowering’ campaign series. Again, Microsoft reminds viewers that technology has been able to open doors of opportunity and restore hope. Whether its to eager kids hungry to learn in a struggling urban environment or a young boy who’s been fitted with new leg attachments after having born without tibia and fibula bones in his legs. It’s touching, and it’s uplifting. Isn’t that what empowerment is about? Grades: B+ (each)

E: I’m all for real-life stories. I really liked this. Grade: A

Mophie – All Powerless

J: This apocalyptical video is quite a visual display. The graphics look great, the chaotic plot is exciting and yet scary and it gets even better when the chaos brings about the most ridiculous scenarios and funny escapades. So why is the world going to hell in this ad? You won’t believe the ending, but oh my word it’s a brilliant ad! – Grade: A-

E: Slightly bizarre, but I liked it. Grade: B

Mountain Dew – Come Alive

J: A pre-game Superbowl show ad (BONUS ROUND), so consider it a bonus. This is…err..rah…straight up nuts. NUTS I tell yah!! Bwhahahahaha!!! Oh my gosh, I love it, it’s giving me Lil’ Jon – Turn Down For What vibes in a major way! Even the dog can’t resist the vibe. That looked like one helluva impromptu party! Grade: A+

E: Odd! Wakes you up. Grade: B

Nationwide – Make Safe Happen/Invisible

J: This Superbowl 2015 ad caused a lot of mixed emotions, the resounding emotion was horror. Apparently alot of people at the Super Bowl and at home were mortified to see this very somber, very sad advert in between the Super Bowl TV breaks. I see Nationwide’s end goal, I can try and understand the plot and how they’ve cut the scenes up together. It’s like the ‘No More’ advert (little further below), it’s hard to watch and will leave people feeling uncomfortable and even upset. On one hand (from Nationwide’s POV) it’s a good, somber advert that definitely tugs at the heart-strings.  However ALOT of people have lashed out against it, live at the Superbowl and over the internet for grief manipulation and ill-advised marketing. People couldn’t decipher whether the ad was actually trying to sell insurance or not. Erm. Awkward. Grade: C (Update: Nationwide’s statement about the confusion).

E: I’m not going to give this a grade- harrowing. Not a fan.

J: Mindy Kaling stars in this short teaser Nationwide ad that has been around for a few days. She’s a likeable star that is making a name for herself in TV land and she is definitely the fresh injection of smarts, diversity and talent that Hollywood desperately needs. The ad has a good level of humour, vibrance and shenanigans that definitely plays into Kaling’s personality very well. Grade: B

E: I like the use of this popular TV character! Choosing a more down to earth star helps the audience to connect. Grade: B

NFL – No More/Together We Make Football

J: This ad has definitely caused a stir and so it should. Domestic abuse is a serious problem, one that has been popping up in the NFL and involves a few players. So why not take the opportunity to step up and denounce it on the biggest American football stage of them all? Grade: B+

E: Brilliant ad. I found it really powerful and liked how No More based it upon real-life events, making it even more impacting. As there have been incidents of domestic violence involving NFL players in the past, it was a subtle, yet bold move by No More to address this issue. Props to them for doing it in such a dignified manner. Grade: A+

J: Fun advert that would have gotten anybody, sports fan or not, excited about the game itself. The video is nicely done, showing how the Super Bowl is no longer an American event. It’s for everybody, from Arizona to Berlin, from London to Kuwait, doesn’t matter where you’re from. The video includes The LEGO Movie characters, Britney Spears, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Cool Keyboard Cat, Dining Dog, and Penguins of Madagascar! Schweet – Grade: B+

E: Such a cool ad! I love the use of people from all over the world being included as it highlights how everyone can watch the SuperBowl. As a massive fan of Kelly Slater, I was delighted to see him using the Go Pro whilst out on the waves! Very impressive. Grade: A

Nissan – With Dad

J: Another automaker advert. The theme here seems to be ‘Dads’. Nice song choice, good narrative, plus the dad is a little bit of a cutie. But I won’t lie, I got a bit bored of it half way through. Nice attempt for Nissan though, although not the best they ever had. Grade: B-

E: Cute ad. The song is what drew me into this. The storyline is really touching and definitely made my heart melt. I’ll admit it, I AM a softy. Grade: A+

Northrop Grumman – Hangar

J: Only in America you would actually see an advert on the biggest U.S. sporting stage that promotes a bomber plane. I’ll refrain from making any politically-related comment. From this point. Back to the ad, its flashy whilst not going over the top in scenery or graphics and as they said ‘it does what it says on the tin’. I liked the sleekness of the ad, but that’s pretty much it. Grade: C+

E: So American. I found it rather dull and unexciting. Grade: C

Procter & Gamble – Always #LikeAGirl

J: This ad had circulated for a couple months ago and it’s still just as good now. It’s positive, it’s thought-provoking and it’s simply-but-effectively done. Brilliant advert. Grade: A-

E: I wish this ad had come out when I was in my teens! It has a positive and inspiring message that girls are fierce, strong and capable beings. I love the use of cool, young girls! I feel that it shows something that, without sounding like a granny, is often not portrayed in 21st Century social media and popular culture, which is how important respect towards females is. This is going to be a hit with the female population for sure. Grade: A+

Sketchers – Relaxed Fit

J: Erm yeah, this ad is pretty damn weak. It left no positive, lasting impression on my and is quickly forgettable. Grade: D-

E: Boring. Soooo 2002. Grade: C-

Skittles – Settle It

J: Add some hilly-billy nonsense and skittles and taste the rainbow….as it makes one helluva U-Turn down ‘What the hell’ territory. It’s odd but in a weird and humourous way. Grade: B-

E: Strange. The muscles are too much for me- very creepy! I thought it was quite bland and uninspiring. Grade: C+

Snickers – The Brady Bunch

J: I may be an 80s child but I’ve never seen the Brady Bunch so this ad is kind of wasted on me. I can try to see the humour in it, but personally it’s not the best ad by Snickers. They’ve done better. (Ironically this won the 1st ever Super Clio award in the US). Grade: C-

E: Having never watched a single episode of The Brady Bunch I felt no connection with the ad. This would probably have been a different matter had I seen it, as there seems to be an understanding of the characters needed. An average ad in my opinion. Grade: B-

Sprint – Super Apology

J: LOL! That screaming goat’s star continues to rise and rise thanks to viral videos. I like how Sprint to a dig at AT&T & Verizon with this tongue-in-cheek advert. Nothing says jackass that a screaming goat, or a donkey for the matter of fact. Hilarious short. Grade: A-

E: I do like the use of the screaming goat- it was quite amusing! Grade:B

Squarespace – Om

J: Jeff Bridges stars in this ad by Squarespace….I err…find this advert VERY peculiar. I don’t know what else to say, I was expecting more. Grade: C-

E: Really odd. I just didn’t get it. Grade: C-

T-Mobile – #KimDataStash/Wi-Fi Calling

J’s Original Verdict: It has Kim Kardashian in it, nuff said. Grade: F

J: Okay some maybe I may have let my dislike for Kim get the best of me. Let’s try again. Fair play to T-Mobile for this pitching this idea and to Kim for going along with it. *Refrains from making a money-grubbing comment*. In the ad, Kim pokes fun at herself for being what she’s best at, narcissistic. But with the use of ironic humour, this will either have you loving her more or the opposite. Grade: C+

E: In true Kardashian style, Kim shows us a series of shots where she is posing in various locations- from her bathroom to to Alps. I like how T Mobile have created a serious tone through its use of emotive music and props to Kim for being able to make fun of herself! Grade: A

J: Two of Hollywood’s funniest women, Chelsea Handler & Sarah Silverman find themselves trying to out-do the other by boasting about their amazing wi-fi. The scenarios are ridiculous. And Chelsea dear, that is not a rabbit….Grade: B+

E: I loved this! It really highlights the competition that can occur between women and with two stars involved, its quite relatable. Grade: A

Toyota – How Great I Am/To Be A Dad

J: Good backing audio narrative and instrumental. Featuring Amy Purdy, this advert focuses on the fact that if you put your mind to it, you could do anything you really wanted. Although you have to ask, what does that have to do with the new Camry?

E: Cool ad. I like the music which gives it a relaxed feel. It’s nice to see an inspirational woman being used as well, in the form of a professional snowboarder. Grade:A

J: I prefer the ‘Being A Dad’ video. I don’t know why, maybe because of the Dove/Nissan advert. Saying that I wonder you came up with the Dad angle first, Nissan or Toyota. Regardless it’s a nice little advert, not ground-breaking stuff though. Grade: B-

E: This struck a chord with me. As a bit of a daddy’s girl, I thought it was nice to show the bond between a young woman and her father, from an outsiders view. Grade:A+

TurboTax – Big Game

J: TurboTax are good for imaginative and crazy adverts, just so long they get there point across clearly. But they obviously like to have fun doing it, and we do like watching it. Grade: B

E: Has a Treasure Island feel to it. I think the actual ad is rather boring but it gives out their message rather well. Grade: B-

UCool – Heroes Charge

J: Another video game advert. Mobile games adverts are really trying to switch up the Super Bowl advert game. Which makes me wonder how plastered will our screens be next year with mobile game ads? Honestly mobile games never appealed to me. The only one I can distinctly remember playing was Snake – yeah that Snake, on the ol’ Nokia (RIP) with the old black & green screen. Ahh memories. Grade: C-

E: I switched off as soon as I saw this. I’m really not a lover of any video games and I find it rather cheap, tacky and outdated that a brand would use this. Grade: C-

Victoria’s Secret – Superbowl XLIX

J: One word that instantly pops into your head when you think of the phrase ‘Victoria’s Secret’? Sexy. And this advert brings the sexy indeed. It’s glossy, it’s glamorous, it’s gorgeous. It’s the only fashion related ad there so I can see they try to appeal to both sexes. Glamour for the girls, boobs for the boys. Grade: B

E: Everything you would expect from VS: glamourous, sexy and provocative. All the usual faces looking incredible as always! Grade: A

WeatherTech – America at Work

J: This ad is very pro-American manufacture. No shade from me. It’s just easily forgettable to be because I’m not its target audience. Plus I’m a Brit. We’ve more important thinks to talk about. Like the weather. Grade: D

E: The use of grey, red and black and the voiceover seems to be directed at a male audience, that have an interest in engineering and production. I have no interest in manufacturing! Grade: D-

Weight Watchers – All You Can Eat

J: Food, God I love food. LOVE IT! And this advert is funny with it’s tongue-in-cheek approach with the sumptuous, delicious food being plastered all over our screens. And I tell you now, doing that during the Super Bowl may be a dastardly clever move because funfact: the Super Bowl is easily one of the biggest event of the year for food & beverage manufacturers and retailers. No brainer huh? Grade: A-

E: This rather put me off my food, which means that WeightWatchers are doing their job in making people be aware of what they eat! Grade: A

Wix – Big Game

J: This is Wix’s first SB ad so it’s a good effort. They featured quite a few celebrities in the video, including, Larry Allen, Brett Favre, Franco Harris, Terrell Owens and Emmitt Smith, all ex-NFL players. Overall it tries to be humourous, imaginative and on point with a squad of celebrities to bolster the video. It’s good for a first big ad, but nothing timeless really. Grade: B-

E: I liked this ad and I thought it was imaginative how they showed people starting to build their lives, simply through building a website! Grade:B+


To see which quarters the ads where shown, check out AdWeek’s schedule of when the ads went live, alongside their reviews of each ad.

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