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Nothing lasts forever. Not sure who originally said that but there’s is so much truth in just those three little words. As of June 1st, we’ve moved from Kenilworth and settled in Leamington Spa. Our new stamping ground is fairly decent, I mean we could do a lot worst. It’s efficient, clean and constantly buzzing. Hell there’s even a hot-dog truck that swings by in the mornings and an ice-cream truck in the afternoon. As a food lover I’m certainly not complaining.

Everyone here seems to have settled in quite nicely and to be honest, I think the move was good for us. Frankly its not we originally envisioned but when life gives you lemons, brake out the tequila and hold the salt. We do relish a good challenge so we’re looking forward to doing well here in the ol’ Spa.

Things have been quite busy in-house too, so probably why you may have not seen as much on our blog. I do try to make sure that we post every now and then. Plus I’ll shamelessly plug our new Instagram because why not? We also have a new credentials brochure which be accessible this week.

We’re very grateful for our time at Greville House and in Kenilworth and will miss that little gem of a town but things change and sometimes you gotta go with that change. Besides, adapting is what we do best. Well that and poking fun at each other.

So here’s to a new era and all the good, bad and crazy times that’ll come with it. *raises shot-glass*

Written by: JR

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