So, erm yeah. You’d never you guess came lurking around earlier today. We knew he was hard up for a job after the whole BBC fiasco but damn. But as an diverse, equal opportunities company we invited him in and spent some time with him. He had an impressive resume, was well travelled and knows his cars (expertly well might I add!) He’s quite honest, almost to a flaw and sense of humour is borderline dark wrapped in searing sarcasm. Can you guess? (If you can’t…well you may need to re-evaluate your life on your way out the door). We took a picture because, you know that’s what you do when you have a celebrity in your midst! *Drumroll*


He would have fit in right at home here! (Although he’d have to keep his hands to himself)…Except, well…we’ve already hired two new recruits. Awkward..

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