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You read that title right folks. In case you missed it, The Drum reported that Sky AdSmart is rolling out its targeted TV advertising platform to parts of Europe. Having first launched in the UK in 2014, Sky AdSmart is currently in the process of extending its reach to Austria, Germany & Ireland. And all by the end of 2018.

The reasoning behind this bold venture? Sky Media Deputy Managing Director Jamie West explained that the venture was based on a revaluation based on its “competitive set”, which goes further than traditional competitors in terms of media spend over the past couple of years. This includes the likes of ITV and Channel 4.

He mentioned “The marketing budget as far as I’m concerned doesn’t begin with a proportion to TV, and proportion to press, etc… we as a broadcaster and an innovator have to compete head-to-head, and toe-to-toe with the likes of Facebook and Google to truly compete in the digital age.

Because of Sky’s comprehensive  access to consumer data, they have been able to aggregate such information. This has allowed Sky to create and introduce a ‘brand new product offering and positioning’ into the advertising & media ecosystem.

So instead of it being about advertising execution such as ad serving, it becomes about how can we deliver effective advertising… and if we’re building products with just that in mind, then they’ll be products for the advertiser, and not just for the benefits of arbitrage, yield and margin.” he told attendees at the Beet Retreat Summit hosted in Puerto Rico.

Wrapping up, West goes on to say “If you move away from that siloed view of things, then we are trying to be a true partner to brands and how they invest their advertising budgets.

With Sky AdSmart allowing advertisers and brands to curate their target audiences in a much more finessed & efficient way that goes beyond traditional TV advertising. The ad server technology that’s built into all Sky+ TV set boxes is the key. It drags together multiple different campaign ideas and specifications, is compiled, compared and cross-referenced against different data sets that display the relevant ads in the relevant homes.

Sky have even recently broadened the reach of its advertising services, including Channel 5 viewers, as well as the earlier intro of cross-screen targeting attributes.

Numerous national brands have been featured on Sky AdSmart TV, include McLaren Automotive, Hilton Hotels, Santander, Your Move, Maplin, British Airways & Mr Porter (to name just a few). Watch the video to hear what various advertising agencies and their clients have to say.

Local brands and institutions too, such as Bicester Village, Think Ford, Teeside University, NOW: Pensions, Easigrass and many more.

Sounds good doesn’t it? adsynergy have been advocating Sky AdSmart TV in combination with postcode targeted direct mail since 2014. You can learn more about how Sky AdSmart can work for you here.

Written by: JR

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