Sky AdSmart TV Case Study: NHS Smokefree

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Adsmart Case Study: NHS Smokefree


Public Health England ran an NHS Smokefree campaign to remind people about the physical damage caused by smoking and to signpost the support available to maximise their chances of successfully quitting.

Using Sky AdSmart alongside other media, including a heavy burst of traditional TV, Public Health England were able to combine the power of TV with precision targeting to ensure the ad was seen by people with a high probability of being smokers.

Campaign Objectives

– To inform the public of the dangers of smoking
– To encourage members of the public to stop smoking
– To inform the public of the services that exist to help quit smoking

Top Line Results

Despite all three sample groups being exposed to NHS Smokefree messaging on various platforms, the Sky AdSmart campaign really cut through. The test group were significantly more likely to recall seeing the Sky AdSmart creative when prompted.

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Content courtesy of Sky AdSmart TV.

AdSmart Case Study NHS Smokefree