Sky AdSmart TV Case Study: East Coast Trains

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Adsmart Case Study: East Coast Trains


East Coast Trains operates fast and frequent train services on the East Coast Main Line, between London King’s Cross, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, North East England and Scotland.

They operate on routes totalling 936 miles, from London to Peterborough, the East Midlands, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and beyond to Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow. Traditionally they have just advertised on TV using ITV in two broad regions.

Campaign Objectives

Drive increased ticket bookings via their website from new and existing customers in two specific regions – Newcastle/Sunderland & Edinburgh.

Top Line Results

The campaign resulted in a really positive outcome for East Coast Trains – driving increased online ticket bookings.
Sales from Sky AdSmart households were 26% higher when compared to the control group who were not exposed to the ad.

Post campaign, East Coast Trains were able to analyse which types of households responded to the ad and would be able to use this information to adjust their targeting or creative for future campaigns.

Following the success of the campaign, East Coast have rebooked with Sky AdSmart a number of times. Havas, the media agency for East Coast Trains have included Sky AdSmart as a central pillar of their 2014 media activity.

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