I’m not sure about this one.

We all know about Starbucks putting people’s names on their lattes and that’s not gone down very well. Just this morning Rhodri Marsden (@rhodri) tweeted that he’d rather give a name like Susan than have to spell out his name.

Coke have gone in a different direction and chosen 150 of the most popular names in the UK to head their Share A Coke With [insert name] campaign.

My name is Elliott with two l’s and two t’s. Well, that’s not my actual name but it might as well be as that’s what I tell people when they ask my name to write it down.

I could never find a magnet with my name in a gift shop.

There’s a great clip of The Simpsons that explains my point to perfection. Bart is at a theme park and drags Lisa over to a carousel of license plates with names on and can’t find Bart.

I imagine that’s how I’ll feel standing in ASDA looking through every single bottle of Coke until I find Eliot.

Back to the drawing board, Coke?

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