Came across this set of adverts for Science World featured on StumbleUpon and have to say, the brains behinds this deserved one hell of a bonus. These are crazy brilliant and you can’t help but fall in love with these. And the best bit? It’s all one big, harmonious, almost seemless ad campaign. This is how it should be done. Sure they were done in 2012 but who cares? It’s still a goodie for an oldie. The mix of print and guerrilla advertising is smart and engaging. The ads are clever and funny and it does make science and day trips to the museum seem more, well, fun. Here’s the roundup of the ads created for Science World by Rethink Canada.

science-world-ads-1 science-world-ads-3 science-world-ads-4 science-world-ads-5 science-world-ads-7 science-world-ads-8 science-world-ads-9 science-world-ads-10 science-world-ads-11 (1)  science-world-ads-12-600x822 science-world-ads-13 science-world-ads-14 science-world-ads-15 science-world-ads-17 science-world-ads-18 science-world-ads-19 science-world-ads-21 science-world-ads-22-600x381 science-world-ads-23-600x931



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