Halloween is here again and people are either one of three things. Going out for a night on the town, dressed up for the occasion. Or staying in and handing out sweets to trick or treaters, maybe even scaring the hell out of them. Or you may fall into the third category, staying in and avoiding those dressed up kids (and adults) at all costs. Halloween is one of the few occasions of the year were advertisers can really get wicked-creative and make something unique and unforgettable. Some Halloween ads are ‘cutesy’ and fun, others are quite dark and creepy and some are just straight up weird! So, we decided to compile a selection of print ads that we think are pretty quirky and cool. And some video ads that are, erm….well, scary. Proceed with caution.

Print Ad: Pepsi


Print Ad: Burger King


Print Ad: Universal Studios Hollywood


Print Ad: Sharpie


Print Ad: Heineken


Print Ad: Mini Cooper


Print Ad: Guinness


Video Ad: Dead Island

Video Ad: Snickers

Video Ad: Phones4U

Video Ad: LG

Video Ad: Dirt Devil

Video Ad: Carrie

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