World Cup 2014

When the World Cup was on this Summer, Samsung had released a commercial of the hotly anticipated Galaxy 11, which trended like wildfire in the social-media world.  Creating a collaborative effort with FIFA, the ad proved to be a such success, whilst running during the World Cup tournament and after. With it’s futuristic, dystopian background, footballers turned heroes with the aid of this ever-so-popular phone, it’s more of a feature than your standard advert, running at 4min 16secs.

Considering the football industry is not just about sport, FIFA profits went up to about $2 billion from sponsorship and advertising alone. Samsung can CLEARLY afford to throw their two pence in, especially since the event is consider the biggest sporting event on the planet.

We’re not die hard fans of the sport here. That said…you have to give credit where it is due. Not too shabby Sam!

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