Sidenote: Whilst writing the title for the Rugby World Cup, I misspelt ‘ads’ as ‘aas’, kinda like drunkard trying type the word ‘ass’ out at 4:30 in the damn morning. But no, I meant ads, not ‘aas’ (that’s another post for another day. Maybe. Never. I wish). I’ll stop now.

Anywho! It’s that time of year again, the real man’s answer to the Superbowl, The Rugby World Cup is back. The 2015 tournament is fast approaching on the horizon and Marketing Mag (via Campaign Live) put out an article recently of what they think are the best ones so far. So I thought, may as well have a look and have a good ol’ fashion critique about the adverts.

Verdict: This New Zealander advert is shot quite beautifully I think. Love the black and white hues and the story narrative. A story is about the NZ’s ‘Originals’, the once underdog team, turned legends.  Grade: A-

Verdict: LOVE this ad. It features a particularly famous Welsh rugby player, re-telling the journey of impact, injury & inner demons. It’s another wonderful piece of cinematography, with a hard, grimy edge to it that tells a roller-coaster story of conflict, pain, enlightenment and teamwork. Grade: A

Verdict: I love Jack Whitehall, so seeing him take a crack at being rugby tackled is quite something. Bless his socks. This video is great, it features Whitehall’s shamelessly brilliant humour as he gets schooled by the old boys from the former England Rugby team of yesterday. Grade: B+

Verdict: Great ad, short and sweet. Nicely shot and great dramatic background music. But the ending will throw you. Grade: B

Verdict: Quirky & patriotic. I’m not a fan of Lucozade but it’s not a bad advert. I mean, come on, it’s not the greatly. Tries a little too hard to be funny I think. But hey, it has burly men in it, so what’s not to like? Grade: B-

Verdict: I didn’t have much hope for this video….10 seconds in I knew I was wrong. Wait to you see who’s in this video! I’m not surprised though when I think about it…he has such presence in his voice. LOVE the speech, beautifully scripted. You’d think they were going to war on King’s Landing…Grade: A+

Verdict: Nice video that tips its hats to the grassroots Rugby movement. Love the different groups of guys and girls from different teams of different regions of the geographical landscape. Grade: B

Verdict: I don’t know what to think of this ad. I had high hopes before watching it. Love the sharp, vivid colours and the concept…But it fell a little flat for me. Grade: B-

Verdict: I think this probably my favourite video out of the whole onslaught of adverts. It’s a tad long but worthwhile. Lovely animation, brilliant narrative with very little commentary. Giants indeed! Grade: A+

Verdict: Lovely advert. It’s poignant, sweet and drives the point home of how crucial fan support really is. Whether you’re family, friends or part of the England Rugby team. We all need someone to lean on. Grade: A

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