Remember how McDonalds a couple of weeks ago came up with a nifty billboard advert that was entirely in emojis? Well they’ve taken it a step further, albeit a crazy step further.

The hell did I just watch?? That was like watching a Bermuda Triangle style mashup of emojis, Pac Man and Deadmau5 mixed together in a deliciously bonkers fashion. McDonalds France teamed up with BTEC, the same crazy cats that brought us this sweet gay-related advert and the legendary Evian baby-skaters! I know the emojis are the norm now and everything but this video, as Adweek* so rightly pointed out, is equal parts creative and crazy with a dollop of creepy. Imagine if you went out in public and all you could see is emojis in place of peoples’ heads? I’d imagine some would find it hilarious and others would find it scary. Besides I already don’t need an emoji to tell others what my emoji face would be.



Kind of makes you wonder if this, on some subconscious level is how society is increasingly beginning to view itself and treat other people likewise. Facebook apparently recently did a report that points out people would rather use emojis instead of using phrases like ‘lol’, ‘haha’ or ‘hehe’. They suggest that using emojis is more commonplace and also can be more apt in expressing emotion. If the English Language were a person, I hope it’s preparing to have its cash in its chips and retire to Belize for the duration of humanity at the rate things are going. Overall I ain’t mad at the advert, I rather liked it. It’s quirky, current and unabashedly unapologetic about its banter and crazy.

*If you haven’t clicked Adweek’s link, do so. Definitely worth the long read.

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