So I’m flicking through the Paris Fashion Week show pictures, including Givenchy, Elie Saab and Issey Miyake. I’m trawling through the Valentino images via, and oh my word was I surprised when I reached the end. After pretty, slender models in their dazzling clothes, up pops Ben Stiller….the heck? Owen Wilson too. Instant Zoolander vibes!! It was nuts, like living in the actual movie itself. Brava Paramount. Nice ‘Zoolander 2’ plug. Didn’t even know a sequel was coming out next year.

Valentino Zoolander’d us. We ain’t mad. We like it!

Yeah, some will look at this scream “STUNT QUEENS” and say ‘Fashion is dead!’. Errrh if that’s the case, I think you could argue fashion’s been ‘dead’ a long time ago darling. But from a marketing point of view, it’s live, it’s potent, it’s a viral storm! For serious.

Well Derek Zoolander & Hansel just stole the whole damn show. The audience loved it! “It’s that damn Hansel! He’s so hot right now!”

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