As the world’s only self-cleaning Hot Tubs and SwimSpa’s Hydropool, had a great product but two problems. One was that nobody had really heard of them. When people thought ‘Hot Tubs’ they thought ‘Jacuzzi’.

The other was that they were trying to launch a luxury item, in the middle of a recession.

A multi-level promotional plan was put into place which led to a 67% increase in overall sales.

When we found out that a competitor was going to feature their hot tub business on a reality TV show ‘Hot Tub Britain’ on ITV, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little bit of ambush marketing.

Time was against us, as we only had one day to write and produce a 30 second TV ad. But it had to be good, as we were only able to secure 3 spots at that late stage.

The result was a whole month’s worth of website hits in one night and 120 hot leads, a high proportion of which turned into sales.