everybody knows the saying, “work hard, play hard”.

well, we’ve worked hard so a lot more people can play a lot, lot, lot harder.

Passion8 have been around since the 1980s selling high quality adult toys and accessories to a customer base that ranges from simple to…well…specialist. if that’s your thing. which it might be. and we have no problem with that. (P.S. the safe word is “OUCH!”)

with such a huge variety of products, Passion8 didn’t want anyone to miss out on anything. especially the nipple clamps. they’re brilliant. uhhh…so we’re told…


as a result adsynergy has been working with Passion8 since 2008 to create digital versions of their catalogue that they previously only sent out via post.

the first digital catalogue adsynergy created for Passion8 got over 7,200 visits in a year with a peak of just over 720 visits in February…sounds like a good Valentines Day treat to us!

now their digital catalogue is back.

not only is their catalogue now online, Passion8’s customers can also go straight from the edition to their website and order there and then. that’s great for their customers and great for them. think about it; their customers get a much better experience and, as a result, they’re going straight to the thing they want and ordering it there and then.


there’s also interactive video, links back to the website and it’s fully branded. and it’s on their Facebook page. and their Twitter page. they can even send a carrier pigeon out with it on a USB stick (they can’t, don’t ask them to).

anyway, have a look and maybe you’ll find something for that special someone for Christmas.

just maybe not your nan.

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