FastCompany had done an article on what habits, that can be bad at times, in moderation can actually help your work productivity. What I’m I talking about? Here’s an example below…


This isn’t an excuse to keep bills and invoices strewn among junk mail and coupons; a busy desk doesn’t have to be an organizational disaster. But keeping your space charmingly cluttered–with things that inspire you, or in a way that allows all of your materials to stay readily at hand–has been proven to encourage more creativity than a tidy space.

If the clutter becomes distracting, here’s a handy guide for paring down the mess. Until then, embrace the chaos.


If you work in an office, it is hard sometimes NOT to have a cluttered desk. Especially if you’re working in a high demanding environment with little down time. Sometimes its just easier to have everything to hand…even if your desk looks like someone ransacked it. Or if you work in retail or warehouse facility, talking to your colleagues helps the time fly by. Questions can be asked and answered. Funny tidbits and stories can be told. Work is hard enough as it is, so little things like the occasional chat and banter do really help. Especially if your stress-inducing job requires a little humour to help you get by. Or a dart board. That helps too.

Of course, you can’t do these habits around the clock, it’s about moderation.

Check out the rest of FastCompany’s list of guilty pleasures that can actually boost work productivity & health, (in moderation of course…maybe).

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