London Fashion Week came to an end on Tuesday and it was just as bold, edgy and flamboyant as ever. One thing however has made LFW quite different to the others before. Periscope. The use of this Twitter based streaming app, which is only 6 months old, has been welcomed with open arms into the realm of Fashion Week. With its American equivalent NYFW using Periscope recently, LFW has really taken to the live-stream app and gave the event a whole new perspective.

With the likes of Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren & Vera Wang using Periscope at their shows, the app has been quite heavily integrated into LFW, known for being quite progressive and ‘outside the box’. Periscope and fashion seem to go hand in hand, especially considering that that ‘fashion’ as a category within Periscope is ridiculously popular.

Designers such as Burberry have used Periscope before during their shows whilst other designers, like Hunter Original will be using the app for the first time in their show. The use of apps like Periscope allows these brands, whether old and established or new and growing, to reach their audiences in a way that’s more user engaging and garners more positive traction. LFW usually streams up to 90-95% of their shows via their website and even via a big outdoor screen in realtime. With the use of Periscope this will increase the event’s reach even more so. Alongside Periscope, Snapchat is another app that quite a number of luxury brands are using for their shows, including Burberry for their SS16 catwalk.

So the integration of Periscope isn’t a completely new idea, it just happens to be one that increases LFW’s reach in the technological realm of today. Periscope has a unfiltered, almost purist feel to it, which is probably why it is doing quite well amongst fashion designers and events. Capturing that raw footage gives these brands the ability to further their digital reach, getting their audiences involved with the shows, whether they are present or not. It becomes an attempt on broadening the event experience and playing on the notion that fashion is fleeting. A kind of ‘see it while you still can’ play.

Periscope, whilst relatively new, seems to help fashion brands bring that extra consumer interactivity whilst oscillating between captured footage of the fashion shows and other live events. After all, fashion is ephemeral. In this sense, its become ephemeral both literally in real life and digitally. You can read more about Periscope and its involvement with brands, LFW and the British Fashion Council on TheDrum.

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