London Fashion Week 2014

If you’re a keen shopper or a devout fashionista, you’d have noticed (maybe even visited) London Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2015) recently. Granted, fashion isn’t everyone’s tastes and that’s okay, but what you cannot deny is the power of fashion. According to the Telegraph, the industry is worth £26 million, and that was stated back in February! The British Fashion Council, you own and run London Fashion Week, released information supporting the industry’s contribution to the U.K. economy. For example, so far this year it has provided 797,000 jobs, as well as having numerous educational programs set up between universities and bursary awards and support initiatives for young British designers, looking to make their mark, nationally and internationally. The BFC work hard to make sure that British Fashion is one of the most sought after, and why not? Britain only has shaped the fashion industry for decades, of which I could rant on about for hours…..but I won’t (this time).

The focus here today glossy inserts we see all over our magazines, billboards and TV screens. Fashion advertising = mad money, simply because it sells. Not all of us are able to afford some of the hefty price-tags but what fashion ads do very well is create an alternate world, fantasy. It can stir all kinds of emotions, from positive to negative reactions, but perhaps the biggest? Desire.

Fashion isn’t afraid to go against the norm, in fact, many will do quite provocative advertising, to stay relevant. Some do it because it’s what they are all about, others do it because they want to try something different. Either way, it still grabs attention.

Here is some of the Fall 2014 ads for some of the Brit designers featured at LFW.





Paul Smith









Vivienne Westw0od


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