Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017?

A good looking logo can make a company not only memorable but iconic. Just look at the top 3 most valuable companies in the world Google, Apple and Amazon. Google’s logo is so simple they can change it on a day to day basis to suit events happening on specific days.

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017?

Apple’s logo is simple and forever iconic, always featured somewhere on their devices. It’s widely known for its stylish elegance and being ‘high-end’. They went from a multi-coloured logo to a more sophisticated logo that in my opinion looks much better.

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017?

Amazon’s logo is pretty much everywhere on their packaging, produces and buildings. It is known for having everything from A-Z as shown by their logo which is very clever by having a dual meaning of having a smile and an arrow pointing from A-Z. This says a lot about their brand as it tries to make people happy with their huge range of products.

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017? amazon

As we have seen, a logo can add value to your products if it is viewed as ‘high end’ and should say a bit about your company’s brand values. We have used information provided by Just Creative to highlight the key trends seen in this year’s batch of trending logo designs to help you design your next eye-catching logo that will gain notoriety for your clients and yourself.

Text Boxes

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017? mozilla

Text boxes are great for simplicity and are most likely being inspired by the likes of the very successful Supreme logo.

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017? supreme

Colour Splitting

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017?

Colour Splitting looks great and has been used all the way back the original Playstation and Apple logos. It gives your logos a fresh feel especially when combined with a dark background to make them really pop. With a sharp looking logo such as one with geometric shapes, it can look very futuristic and offer itself the opportunity further down the line to a mix up of the colours to freshen up the look.

Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017?


Logo Design - How has it changed in 2017?
Ellipses look very relevant at the moment with so many people’s apps featuring them leading to them being very familiar to the audience. This particular look for constant communication looks amazing when done right. It shows that whoever uses the logo takes communication seriously and is a key part of their business. This can be seen most prominently in the Messanger logo which can claim a lot of credit for bringing ellipses to having a common use in logo and icon design at the moment.

Simple Overlays


Simple overlays have been adopted by huge companies this year such as MasterCard who were looking to rebrand with a simpler more modern logo. The facelift they had given their logo looks great, it holds onto its simplicity and main branding of their old one. But in addition, a more updated font is used, alongside a great looking overlay of their classic logo.

Well, there were our favourite top trends in Logo design from the first half of 2017. Hopefully, this will help with any future designs you come up with for the back half of the year keeping your ideas on trend.

Written by: Dan H

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