Surely you must’ve heard there’s a new app called Peeple that’s been making the news rounds and web forums. It has been dubbed “Yelp for humans” because you can pretty much judge the hell outta people by rating them like restaurants and hotels. You can score them against different categories, from their work professionalism, their persona and even their love lives (oh dear God…)


It sounds pretentious as hell and the outcry against it has been loud and clear! But Adweek just brought up an interesting question. Could advertisers benefit from using this app?

Part of me wants to believe no. Simply for the sake of human decency. Fat chance though. There’ll will be some brands who will find a way to make bank off this ridiculous app, in one advertising form or another. I highly doubt established brands who have a certain upper echelon appeal about them would advertise via Peeple. Other brands who may be more laid back, or even cheeky, are more likely to try the app out to see if they can use it as another way to reach a wider target audience. Perhaps.

Funny how advertising just kind of permeates into every area of our daily lives. Using apps as a form of direct or indirect advertising isn’t new but it would be interesting to see how brands can utilise this questionable app. Be sure to check out the source article at Adweek to see what they think about how advertisers actually could make use of Peeple.


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