Hydropool TV

I say we, actually Hydropool were featured on ITV (Meridian South) during a new British TV show called “Hot Tubs Britain”, which according to ITV, the synopsis says it’s a “Documentary examining the growing attraction of the hot tub in Britain and the 10 million pound family business in Blackpool which is the country’s biggest hot tub superstore.”

Now we here at adsynergy, alongside Hydropool had the foresight to see this show becoming a stir in the industry, in which the show would inevitably create cause for people to settle for cheap, imported hot tubs, instead of investing in high quality, luxury hot tubs. Hydropool’s products have the best self cleaning technology that no other company can match and it has been so for years. Endorsed by the likes of Olympic and Commonwealth medalist Sharron Davies MBE and British adventurer, writer and television presenter Bear Grylls, this product is highly sought after by those who know that luxury quality hot tubs don’t get much better than Hydropool. Looking for a way to use this possibly questionable show to our advantage, we collaborated with Hydropool in creating a TV commercial to pull in viewership from those watching ‘Hot Tub Britain’. The result? Have a look below at the Youtube link.

The response from the ad on live TV? Bigger than what we expected!



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