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We were talking in the office earlier this week and hit a very important point on how important the tech is in our daily lives and that everyone keeps highlighting only the negative effects. Technology plays a major role in our office lives from Standing Desks to Fitbits. So we’d thought we would give you a little peek behind the adsynergy curtain to show you how the aforementioned tech has helped improved our efficiency as an agency.


Technology could be a simple as a standing desk, which is a godsend for anyone who is looking to do desk work and not ruin their posture. However, there are also weight loss benefits with standing desk user’s on average burning an additional 170 calories over standard desk users. This is a great way tech has allowed us to avoid issues found later on in life by desk workers such as high sugar levels and potential heart disease.

adsynergy also promotes wrist gel mouse mats which reduce the chance of getting Carpal tunnel syndrome and are more comfortable for those who do experience it. They also feel great for those who have a long day of editing and work ahead of them, due to the support they give even if not strictly needed.

There is a huge increase in wearable tech at the moment from your Apple watch to socks that tracks the pressures in your feet. These allow you to do everything from monitoring your heart rate to waking you up properly, helping to avert tiredness in the morning. These are done through apps such as Pocket WOD, My fitness health, Strava and Apple Health letting the user monitor their targets and may often give advice on how to help them. These are often used outside of the office, but also help us monitor ourselves during the day and pick when it is best to eat, rest and work. Some more examples can be seen at Positive Health and Wellness where they go into more detail in how technology has had a positive effect.

Written by: Dan

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