Unless you’re a dedicated fashionista or a devote disciple of all things luxury fashion, you may have missed a particular stand-out bag that is featured in Balenciaga’s most recent AW17 fashion.

Now if the title didn’t already give it away, a LOT of people have realised the £1675 (yeah you didn’t misread that pricetag….) Arena Shopping Tote bag looks awfully familiar to a similar bag…

Ikea's Genius Response to Balenciaga

Bwhahahaha. Utterly ridiculous. I mean okay, the Balenciaga bag is quite nice but not for that price-tag. Out of all the descriptions of the comparisons I’ve seen so far, Dlisted’s Michael K described it the best!

“Well, if Ikea’s 99 cent FRAKTA bag married a rich plastic surgeon, got its plastic skin replaced with fine leather skin, started speaking in a snobby accent and held its nose up to the Swedish meatballs it used to eat. Balenciaga’s Arena bag is basically a new money FRAKTA bag.”

And what’s even better is Ikea’s initial response to the comparison.

“We are extremely flattered to seemingly be an inspiration for the latest catwalk designs for Balenciaga. Our IKEA Frakta tote is one of our most iconic products which are already owned and loved by millions – now the many people truly can get the designer look for less.”

And then they did this (via Adweek)…

Ikea's Genius Response to Balenciaga

Bow down to the clap-back masters that are Ikea! I’m in awe (and stitches). Genius move. I do believe Balenciaga wasn’t trying to take the mick with their lookalike. Hell you may say they were arguably paying homage to the unmistakable original blue bag. Either way, such a quick turnaround response from Ikea has only bolstered both brands and its all in good, healthy, marketing fun. Hell, I’ve never owned a FRAKTA bag but damn they do look handy…and wouldn’t break the bank either.

Written by: JR


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