Halloween is coming up. Expect some awesome costumes and LOT of bad ones. Ikea Singapore have taken inspiration from the film ‘The Shining’ for their new advert.

The Shining Cycle Scene - Ikea Singapore

Everyone remembers THAT scene right? Not everyone’s seen the film but most people would be familiar with that scene. So Ikea Singapore decided to use this scene to advertise their new opening store late hours. Using the actual store to film the TV spot and re-enact that Shining scene is a good concept. The child looks almost just like the one in the movie. Except for the bike, but that doesn’t matter! And the Grady twins? Well you’ll have to watch it to see what happens. Considering the last advert by Ikea Singapore was the “Bookbook”, the epic video currently has over 12 million views. This Halloween video has some big shoes to fill.


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