Seriously though, can you imagine if the Internet was a high school where the browsers and websites were all human? Any one remember those Internet browser as girls? I mean these ones below.


And what about the social networks as boys? It’s been done too! Both concept were done by LA photographer Viktorija Pashuta. (You can see high-res version here).


‘Cracked’ via Youtube took a crack at it (bad pun, I’ll show myself out after this post). The result is hilarious! Won’t spoil it, just watch and see for yourself. Came across the “If The Internet Was A High School” video on TAXI.


P.S. Did anyone realised that a particular social media network was missing? Where the heck was Tumblr? (Probably passed out drunk and still hungover from the night before. Yeah, Tumblr does seem like it would be THAT student).

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