Just before we broke up for the Christmas holidays, we got together with our new client Kite Packaging to put together their new ad campaign for 2017. The ad campaign is called ‘Packaging Reimagined’ and its based on the whole idea of how kids have active imaginations and can take something that may seem basic to anyone over the age of 17, but could be seen as so much more through the eyes of a child.

Come on now, hands up. Who has used cardboard boxes to make a den when they were little? A doll-house? Or maybe a little dune buggy or some fantastical vehicle for all your stuffed toys, action men and play dolls? Okay maybe you were more adventurous and made body armour out of yours, or face masks or even a rocket-ship. Or maybe you were more organised and created a little basket for your little possessions or a bookcase of sorts.

Everyone knows a child’s imagination is boundless so why can’t the same be said about packaging? We grow up so quickly and forget that sometimes the simplest things it life could be the greatest. With the massive array of products that Kite Packaging specialise in and the unique applications of some of those products, a little imagination is always a good thing. Especially when you want to put a new twist on something quite commonplace.

Because Kite Packaging is also an employee-owned business, it was only fitting to have some of the employees children to be featured in the photoshoot for the new ad campaign. Check out the behind the scenes gallery below of the insanely fun time we had. And see some of the fantastic results we got in the gallery below, courtesy for Kite and the fantastic Chris Harris.

And be sure to keep an eye out for Kite’s new ‘Packaging Reimagined’ campaign both in print and online. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more from our #packagingreimagined campaign.

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