Iconic Movie Posters

Came across this beauty yesterday and it was a pleasant surprise for THG fans (guilty).


And these were my reactions (internally of course because I was on the bus and didn’t want to look like a headcase)




It is GLORIOUS. It’s just so elegant and dominating with the red and white contrast. Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen character is rocking a new red battle-suit which isn’t in the original book series. It’s a surprise that I for one welcome, it works in juxtaposition with the clean white background. The red armour outfit acts like a rebellious stain on the sanitised white backdrop of a borderline Totalitarian society. The colour red brings to mind synonyms like war, fire, rage, revolution & blood. This is a YA dystopian war movie after all. I would have liked to see President’s Snow’s statue in tatters behind but this works as it is. Just look at her, the acting HBIC has taken over and is not amused. (If you can’t tell from her resting b*tch face…or is that dread?).

Then it got me thinking, what other movie posters out there that have been deemed ‘iconic’? Some may believe the above Mockingjay Pt 2 poster isn’t iconic, but I beg to differ. It’s attention to detail yet simple, subtle positioning makes it memorable. If not for the general audience, then definitely for the massive fan-base. Not everyone will like it but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

So I asked around the office to figure out who here thinks the most iconic posters ever. Here’s what the team picked and here’s how I graded them.


Movie: Bladerunner (1982)

Verdict: Seen at least once, maybe twice but the futuristic film is a massive cult movie. With the likes of the legendary Harrison Ford outrun androids in a ‘neo-noir’ dysopian future, what’s not to like? The artwork itself gives me ‘Star Wars’ vibes, which I don’t hate. This poster is crafted quite well and I’m liking the retro, illustrative edge it has. Grade: A-


Movie: Deep Throat (1972)

Verdict: I’ve only heard of the notorious porno flick because of the name Linda Lovelace and that at one point, Lindsey Lohan was rumoured to play Lovelace in a remake (shudders). The poster is bold, non-fussy and I like the three different B&W images of Lovelace that are cut out and laid out in perspective. The term ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ when I see this. Well if you’re that kind of girl. Grade: B


Movie: Forbidden Planet (1956)

Verdict: This is an odd one, never seen this before (like ever). I’ve heard of the film but never saw the artwork for it.


Movie: Gone With The Wind (1939)

Verdict: No word of lie, when I heard this suggestion my mind popped to this movie instead. (Yeah I may be half-broken).  There was a time photoshop didn’t rule and this is proof. I like how the artist conveyed the different scenarios underneath the leading cast’s moment in the poster. Great use of colours and shades, while the font stands out well. Grade: B


Movie: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Verdict: I have seen this, believe it or not and straight-up, it is a typical Tarantino movie! It’s good! I’ve only seen it once but it is so insane (typical Tarantino style). What I truly admire with this film is how the characters’ storylines all merged and intertwined with each other, in some shape or form. There’s drugs, there’s booze, there’s sex, there’s violence, these characters are so caught up in their vices and mayhem that it’s like being on a visual rollercoaster. The almost comicbook-like poster reflects that this film is pretty much gonna be some crazy R-rated shiz that screams ‘cult-classic’. If this poster could talk, it would say “Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Grade: A-


Movie: The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Verdict: Confession time, I only saw part of this movie. (I know, I’ll show myself out). I know everybody and their dogs have seen this film and it is deemed a classic by all accounts. I love, LOVE this poster! It’s eloquent, with an infusion of raw feeling & humanity. Love the colour tones and the quote works nicely too. Grade: A+


Movie: Moon (2009)

Verdict: Only saw the movie once and it was bizarre, but in a good way. It wasn’t a massive blockbuster film, probably more of a cult-ish film (that had rave reviews). I like this poster alot. The black spacelike backdrop, the circular optical illusion and the protagonist looking beside himself. Grade: A



Movie: Clockwork Orange (1971)

Verdict: *Adds to list of movies never seen* I definitely remember this poster. This is without a doubt iconic. Arguably it doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen the movie because from this poster alone, even if you took away the text, I’d recognise what film it is. But from what I do remember of it is that is that the book to cinema flick is pretty gruesome in its ‘outside the box’ approach. The white background sets your line of sight to be drawn to the triangle and the figure inside of it, brandishing a sharp object. If the artist was going for a ‘sinister look’, mission accomplished. Grade: A-



Movie: Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977)

Verdict: A classic film that after all these decades hasn’t lost its soul. It tore the box office up left, right and centre when it first came out (currently ranked at no. 7 in the All-Time Domestic (US) chart, no. 54 worldwide). The film introduced a whole new, intergalactic world that goes beyond your typical cult film. The movie spawned a franchise that has crossed over into countless merchandise, cartoons, apparel, art & design, movie sequels, hell even ‘the ways’ of Jedi is considered to be a legitimate belief system in some places. The poster is wonderful, I love the composition of the characters, the Tatooine grounds, the space air fleet dominating the sky, Vader’s big ol’ head just blotting out most of space with the death star in view. Love how Skywalker has gone all ‘Dragonball Z’ in the poster and kudos to whoever made Leia flash some leg. Angelina Jolie would be jealous. Grade: A+



Movie: Cloverfield (2008)

Verdict: For an forgettable film, this poster (in my opinion) is not. It’s hauntingly effective and is just encased in a shroud of mystery and doom. If I’m correct, during the promotional stages prior to the film’s release, they put out these posters with nothing on it but the image and the date. If that doesn’t make you want to find out what the hell is going on, I don’t know what would. Plus it gives me a 9/11 kind of vibe, so you know that whatever the poster is hinting at, its deadly serious. Grade: A



Movie: Jurassic Park (1993)

Verdict: The novel based film is another cult-classic, which also destroyed the box office (currently at no. 19 in All-Time Domestic (US) chart, no. 18 worldwide). I have seen it but it was eons ago so I don’t quite remember what exactly happened (except freaking bioengineered dinos running amok). Even with all the sequels, including the new Jurassic World, i’m sure they all can hold a candle to the original. The poster is iconic because the bespoke label does all the work. Now that’s memorable. Grade: A-



Movie: Ghostbusters (1984)

Verdict: Yet another cult classic that broke the damn box office. Can’t say much about the poster except, alot like the Jurassic Park artwork, it’s logo does all the work and nicely so. Grade: A-



Movie: Jaws (1975)

Verdict: I didn’t know this was directed by Steven Spielberg, although I shouldn’t be surprised. Whatever he usually touches turns to gold. That being said, never saw the film. The poster is definitely a stand-out candidate. This SOB is probably the sole reason why ‘Shark Week’ exists (maybe not but run with me on this one). The font is bold and the red just makes me think ‘blood’ and ‘danger zone’. The shark image is scary as anything and having the image framed with a black background draws your attention to the image first, rather than the text.  Grade: B



Movie: Jurassic Park

Verdict: Exceptional film, Heath Ledger’s joker was nefariously sadistic and was damn good at it too. This poster is just SO Ledger’s Joker. Amazing!! It’s chilling with its dark and mysterious undertones and that infamous quote, in his own blood? Brilliant piece of artwork. Grade: A+



Movie: The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

Verdict: The poster just oozes ‘Thriller’! Never saw it (yeah yeah I know, stop keeping score). But the poster is memorable I think. With the white face with the grayish blue blur on top of a black backdrop, the two things stand out. The reddish eyes. And that scary as hell butterfly….or is that a wasp? Looks like a freaky hybrid! That skull don’t help much either. Grade: B+



Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Verdict: This is an obvious cult classic. One that I have also seen, thankyouverymuch! The Brit-American film is a mish-mash of musical, comedy & horror. The film is massive in the LGBT community and is always popping up in all kinds of pop culture, from That 70s Show, and Glee to Vice Squad & The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The poster speakers true to Dr. Frank N. Furter’s flamboyant and sometimes volatile nature. Love the quote in the poster, although if you’ve seen the film, sometimes pleasure is painfully tricky. Plus Tim Curry has never looked hotter. Grade: A-


Movie: Alien (1979)

Verdict: Never seen it and don’t intend to! Can’t do space horror films. But when I saw the date was 1979 I was quite surprised. I knew Alien was old but that old? That poster looks immaculate and innovative of its time. It’s giving me an intergalactic alien tech vibe and I like it. Even though that’s an egg, it could be seen as something else…I could see that as a capsule or even a spaceship. Love the tagline and the title and the green smoke/light is just perfect. Grade: A+


Movie: The Shining (1980)

Verdict: Stanley Kubrick doesn’t mess around. That’s another one of his films on this iconic movie posters list. This film is scary just from looking at that poster. I mean Jack Nicholson’s murderous look with a touch of delight is creepy as hell and Shelley Duvall is just channelling all of us when she’s screaming like that. The utter dread and terror in her shot! My God this poster is frighteningly fantastic. It could have been framed better but oh well. Cie la vie. Grade: A-




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