iPad baby

Our very own Managing Director often takes the easy way out shows his parenting skills by sitting his little ones down in front of the iPad to keep them quiet keep them entertained.

I would write it all out but it’s easier to quote this article…so I will.

A new study conducted by Nielsen Wire has provided another glimpse into young children and their use of tablet devices. Surveying children under 12 growing up in households that own a tablet device, Nielsen Wire found that in the forth quarter of 2011, seven out of ten children used a tablet computer — a nine percent increase from the third quarter in the same year.

77 percent of those surveyed stated that their children download and play games on their tablet device; in comparison to 57 percent that use the devices to access educational applications. However, if you combine the ‘entertainment’ purposes of a tablet in the survey, then it is obvious that keeping children amused through the devices is far more popular than use as a learning tool.

So, there you go; an Apple a day keeps the tantrums away.

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