Having only just discovered Clif Dickens ‘honest slogans’ artwork via DesignTAXI, his take on honest-to-God brands is sheer brilliance.

Honest Slogans - Clif Dickens - Amazon Honest Slogans - Clif Dickens - HBO Go Honest Slogans - Clif Dickens - Tic Tac

The concept is simple but clever. The American graphic designer takes on an array of big brands and gives them a tagline that really tells people how it is. Even if people don’t want to say it out loud. The Amazon slogan is too true. I mean all that’s left for them to do is deliver food and install an energy utilities department and their set for life. And your home bound for life too. The HBO Go is basically a similar American equivalent of Netflix. And the Tic Tac slogan is quite funny in a slightly nefarious way.

In what I’m sure is just harmless fun, Clif quite wonderfully gives these brands (who like to think their perfect in their Teflon-like ways) the wake-up call they need and calls them out on their shenanigans.

These honest slogans are fantastic and will definitely make you see these companies in a slightly more honest light. Be sure to check out a few of them below. You can see more his Tumblr here and on DesignTAXI. Be sure to check it out as it gets updated every now and then.

Honest Slogans - Clif Dickens - Lea & Perrins Honest Slogans - Clif Dickens - Buzzfeed Clif Dickens - Slim Fast Clif Dickens - Toblerone Clif Dickens - Dunkin' Donuts Clif Dickens - Taco Bell Clif Dickens - Hamburger Helper Clif Dickens - U-HAUL Clif Dickens - The North Face Clif Dickens - Levi's Clif Dickens - Xlerator Clif Dickens - WD-40  Clif Dickens - Miller High Life

Clif Dickens - Radioshack

Clif Dickens - Burger King

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