Not many people remember the name John Wannamaker, but he is widely considered to be one of the fore-fathers of advertising and credited with the famous phrase: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

While he may be all but forgotten, his words survive as one of the most frequently quoted clichés in marketing and advertising; even after radio, TV and now the Internet, has replaced the dominance of press advertising.

And yet for some reason, one hundred and twenty years later, this quote is still relevant.

Or is it?

What if we could tell you exactly which part of your budget is wasted?


Target your customers and avoid waste

Forget ABC1 demographic classifications, it’s old hat and simply too generic to be of any real use when it comes to precision targeting.

The customer-profiling tool we use is the most effective on the market. It is quite simply the most comprehensive cross-channel consumer classification software, built specifically for today’s hyper-connected world.

It will reveal all the different types of households that reside in your catchment area, with their various life-stages, marital status, household compositions and financial positions.

With deeper insights into your target markets lifestyles and behaviour, you’ll be able to make more informed marketing decisions and ensure that your marketing budget is spent only on your prospects.

Detailed customer profiling … FREE

They say nothing in this life is free, but we’re prepared to give a limited number of companies a FREE customer profiling.

There’s no obligation or restriction on the data I’ll present to you, but if you’re interested, we can show you how to reach them through their preferred media channels … without wastage and without missing any potential sales opportunities.

Customer profiling means you can also target by postcode as well as demographics. As you know, 85% of your customers live within a ten-mile radius, so it makes sense to target your prospects (and only your prospects) in that area.

See example Customer Profile of Home Buyers below.


TV Campaigns for £5,000?

Did you know you could now have a TV campaign that is shown only in your catchment area? Forget expensive national campaigns, you can now reach your prospects on TV using their postcodes, and Customer Profile, in fact a two week campaign can cost as little as £5,000. That’s around the same cost as a radio campaign, but so much more effective.

If you’d like to know more about customer profiling and postcode targeted TV, then contact me, Chris Lovell, on my direct line, 01926 355 152 and talk about how we’ve helped our clients create footfall, generate enquiries, increase sales or revitalise their brands. It’s what we do.



 Written By: Chris Lovell
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