Pioneering virtual reality seems to be all the rage. Google Glass tried it and failed. It has decided to call it quits on development. At least for now. With Windows 10 gaining momentum in its marketing of its new OS software to be released sometime this year they revealed on Wednesday a bunch of fun add ons and features. Such as voice assistant software Cortana, a new browser Spartan and of course, the return of the start menu.

But what stood out the most? The HoloLens.


It is essentially wireless headgear that allows the user to navigate their PC through augmented reality. In a nutshell? It creates interactive holograms. Well damn.

Hardwired to work with the new Windows 10, the HoloLens allows users to not only interact with their PC through holographics but can also interact with virtual¬†objects in their everyday surroundings too. For example, imagine playing Minecraft with the game’s graphics hovering over the furniture and walls. Imagine adding new Pinterest pins to your projected mood-boards whilst cooking dinner in the kitchen. Imagine getting a Skype video call appearing on the ceiling whilst lying down in bed. This piece of technology opens up the spectrum of these questions and many more. Sure its bulky at the moment but this piece of tech stands out above Google Glass, Oculus Rift and other VR devices. It’s still a work in progress but you have to admit, it’s quite a breakthrough. Especially since Microsoft has been the underdog in terms of pioneering technology in recent years. Bravo.

For more in depth information check out the BBC‘s take on it and WIRED exclusive look at the HoloLens. Also a gallery of the HoloLens in action.

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