Whelp, the past 24 hours have be absolute MAYHEM. Now this isn’t gonna be a pro or anti post about any of the parties in particular. What should be noted is the reaction online is truly something that is worth looking at. People celebrate, grieve or grow more confused in all kinds of ways. Can you blame them? We have been through it, I tell ya! From the build up over the last week of what has been alleged as underwhelming election campaigns, to those “what the hell” exit polls. Roller-coaster. So much to the point my head started to hurt because of all the election news overload. Feel like I need a week off! Lord knows David Dimbleby does!

The internet has been set a blaze the past 24hrs and social media is just swirling from the outcome of it all. Thank goodness we have the likes of Buzzfeed, Twitter, Mashable etc keep on top of the social media aftermath. Us Brits have a tendency to laugh in the face of change, good or bad. We have, to an extent a bad habit of finding ways to make a bad situation a little lighter, whether it’s through wit, bluntness, sarcasm, banter or just taking the absolute p*ss. Here’s what what we think hilariously stood out. Be sure to click the Twitter links, there’ll be more on the individual sites.



Bonus round! This video is too much!


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