When running your own business or planning to, having the perfect interiors is highly desired. Not all offices have interiors that are avant-garde, decadent or even cool. An office is about function before form, a quote from the famous architect Louis Sullivan. Yes, essentially its all about having an office or building that performs well. It is paramount that the offices used, meet the business’ needs. But for those who can afford it, a little (sometimes a lot) of branding goes a long way. One way to do this is through interior design. While some consider interior design as a luxury, it is none the less important because it adds another dimension to your company’s brand identity. How you offices look and feel is important if you want to make you offices reflect your brand values.

Look at Google, many of their offices look like playgrounds for adults. With big indoor sliders, overstuffed beanbags and funky furniture, their offices represent who they are (and who they wish to be) as a company. It’s almost like ‘world-building’.

How your offices look can affect the morale of anyone within that space. Inviting, comfortable interiors that even boasts a few luxuries that will make clients feel like VIPs. Your team members will actually enjoy coming to work if the workspace caters to their needs. And in some cases, a few of their desires too.

Some offices may feature comfy furniture, en-suite showers, laundrettes, in-house chefs, swimming pools, daycare, gyms, saunas and so on. Basically anything that will make you WANT to be at work.

We selected some office and design studio interiors that we think are simply amazing. Some of these spaces are sophisticated and subtle, some are inspirational and creative. Others are fun and whimsical, while some are just plain crazy, which we like of course. There’s WAY too many to choose from so to check out more, check out our Pinterest for more interiors.


BBH China (Advertising/Design Agency)


I Love Dust (Design/Illustration Agency)


JWT (Advertising Agency)


Kirnauskis 2.0 (Advertising Agency)



Nicolas Tye Architects (Architectural Studio)


Saatchi & Saatchi (Advertising Agency)


TBWA Hakuhodo (Advertising Agency)


Rabbit’s Tale (Advertising Agency)


DVF Studios (Fashion Studio)


E:MG Advertising (No need to say, it’s in the name)


Go Daddy (Web Hosting Company)


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