Whether you’re on social media online or browsing your phone, emoticons are pretty hard to miss. You’re probably more likely to see at least one emoticon every 30-60 seconds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. These quick little images true purpose boils down to this simple saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. So true, especially if you don’t necessarily have the words to convey how you feel…or the patience to type out those words. The history of emoticons can be traced all the way back to 1986, from the unicode ASCII NET, originating in Japan. Funfact: In Japan, their version of an emoticon is called ‘kaomojis’. They differ to the West’s take on emojis and they can be read without having to tilt your head. Example: o_O

Emoticons (also known nowadays as emojis) has become a language in its own right. You’ll find almost anybody communicating with the use of emoticons in conversation. How heavily they are used depends on the individuals involved. Hell, there are even quizzes on Buzzfeed asking ‘What Type Of Emoji Are You?‘, ‘Which Emoji Meal Should You Eat?‘ and ‘Which Emoji Should You Be Reincarnated As?‘…..Yeahh….

But there’s is a certain trend happening at the moment, advertisers are starting you use emoticons in the ads. Case in point: First example I saw of this being done was by Dominos pizza. Guess what the emoticon they used was? Yep…

And they used it ALOT. Hell, they used it to try and communicate with their followers on Twitter. See some of the examples below.

Don’t even ask me what the hell that last one is supposed to mean? Did someone fall asleep hitting the same keys? (Also I think some of these typists are stoned as well, I mean it’s almost gibberish…)

Dominos aren’t the only ones who’ve tried it. Ikea try their hand at it. Pepsi are another instigator, as well as Ikea, Coca Cola and others too.



Ikea only have launched 100 custom emojis, while Coca Cola had launched billboards featuring emoticons in for their ’emoticoke’ web domains.




And these adverts from McDonalds have been popping up in London and around the country.


I gotta say, I don’t hate it. I DO find it annoying when people just communicate in nothing but emojis (the English language has been battered and botched too many times to count). Some may find it fun and ‘outside the box’ creative, but speaking in purely just emoticons I find just lazy. But this ad works. It doesn’t drone on (*side-eye* ahem, Dominos!) and it’s actually kinda funny with the whole ‘on trend’ emoji communications. Millennials, especially the younger ones, love the use of emoticons so this sort of advertising will definitely appeal to them. And I guess anyone who finds it charming, clever or amusing. But I do sincerely hope this doesn’t become a widespread trend in advertising. Social media I get, it works fantastically. In print ads, yeah it can work, as we see above and below. But they do lack a certain creative effort. This McDonalds advert also comes off the heels of a previous ad campaign in France by the fast food giant (as you’ll see below).


But it appears this communicating in emojis isn’t going anywhere for the time being. Chevrolet had recently released a PR statement entirely in emoticons. Oh yeah.

Microsoft Word - 0828-Chevrolet-Cruze-3-Million.docx

For those of us who don’t speak 2015, here’s the translated version of the press release.


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